Big Bieber..

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You and Justin had just gotten back from a date on the beach. You took Justin up to your bed room, closing the door behind you. You go through your closet and find some clothes to put on. You change into your clothes while Justin is trying to take a peek of you changing. You smile. You put your bikini in the sink. You were going to go put it in the drier once you would go down stairs.

You walked out of the bathroom and immediately, Justin's arms came around you. You saw that Justin had change out of his swim trunks and into gray sweat pants and a white t-shirt. Justin kissed you gently on your lips making you smile. "Today was the best day ever." you say wrapping your arms around Justin's neck. Justin smiled brightly. Justin put his hands on the side of your waist as his smile turned into a grin. You raised your eyebrow. "What?" you ask curiously.

"Today can become even more amazing," Justin said.

"It can?" you say acting like you had no clue at where Justin was going with this.

Justin nodded. "How?" you ask smiling.

"Let's just say, I'm going to make you believe." Justin said.

Justin pushed you up against the wall and pressed his lips against your's. You jump up and wrapped your legs around Justin's waist as his hands held you up by your thighs. Your and Justin's lips moved in sync. Justin pulled you off the wall and walked over to your bed, throwing you down onto the bed.

Justin starts to untie his sweat pants while painting. He then climbs on top of you, hovering over you. He goes back to kissing you, but with more passion then before. Justin takes off your sweat pants and throws them across the room. "I guess it was worthless changing into clothes," you say against Justin's lips. "Pretty much." Justin says before going back to kissing you.

Justin pulls away and starts kissing your neck with pleasure. He starts sucking and gently bits your neck. Then he hits your weak spot making you let out a soft moan. Justin takes off your shirt and throws it where your sweat pants were laying at. Justin left a trail of kisses down your neck before going back to kissing your lips.

Justin unclipped your bra, sliding it off of you slowly. Then Justin's fingers slid down to your underwear. He fumbled around with them before sliding them off of you, leaving you completely naked. You took a hold of Justin's t-shirt and ripped it off of him.

You could feel Jerry getting harder and harder by each second ticked by. You couldn't take any longer. You had to have Justin inside of you. You slipped Justin's boxers off of him throwing them across the room. Your eyes widened at how big Justin was. Justin laughed. "What did you expect? I am Canadian." Justin said grinning. You laughed lightly.

You wrapped your legs around Justin's torso, pulling him down closer to your body, making no room in between you and him. "I'm going to make you scream my name," Justin whispered into your ear right before he slipped Jerry inside of you. You screamed Justin's name in pain and in passion. "I told you," Justin said.

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