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You and Justin been dating for awhile and he caught Austin Mahone kiss you in public while your friends were there.

Cyan POV

"Tell me that you didnt kiss him'Justin said to me.Austin Mahone kissed me in front of my friends without me doing nothing.

"You want proof?"I called my friends and they explained what happened...

Justin POV

I dont believe Cyan...i think she kissed him..

Cyan POV

I called Austin and he explained the story to Justin and he left and Justin apologized to me to apology sex which felt so good but after that he left out the door and didnt take the car.

"Where are you going?"I asked him.

"To beat Austin's ass"I decided to go with him and when we got there,the door was unlock,we walked upstairs in Austin's bedroon to see my best friend bouncing on Austin's manhood.

"What the fuck?"

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