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How They Feel:


Justin has a keeper there.She totally loves him and she is better than Selena in so many ways.She supports him all the time and she understands his tour and business and she respects and I liked that of her.


I Loveeeee Herrrrr!Shes perfect.

She doesn't get all in my business and supports me everywhere I go.I really think she's for me and she is amazing at the sex,Its amazing...Damn...(;


Y/n is like my little munkchin.Her and Justin are perfect,it makes me jealous.

But if he breaks her heart,I'm going to punch his face in..Wait..I sound mean now...(:


She's great for Justin and she has done a few songs with Justi.Her voice is amazing and I think she should be on Justin's next album because she is that good.


She's a prankster!she pranks all of us like one time(See what I did there?)She pulled Fredo's pants down while we were standing in the kitchen and ran off.She's crazy but she's for Justin.


I like Y/n but don't tell Justin that 0.0

But I wish them the best and hope they make it far and she will be Mrs.Bieber and have little Bieber babies running around the house..*chuckle*

Lil Twist:

Y/n is dope man!She can rap,Twerk ,and she can cook.If she was mine,Se would be a good wife but she's Justin so I respect that but I hope they stay together forever.

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