Friends..With Benefits..Pt 2

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You come finally come out of the bathroom, and you find Justin in the room. You just stand there as he turns around and walks towards you. You clutch your towel feeling guilty. Justin places his hand on your shoulder and says "I can't believe you... you should have told me..." Your heart drops.. You: "Told you what..?" Justin: "you should have told me you were gonna take a shower... we could have taken one together." Justin leans in to kiss you but you turn your cheek. Justin's confused. Justin: "babe... whats wrong? You: "uh... I just don't feel so well babe, sorry. That's why I just took a shower by myself..." Justin: "Aw. It's ok baby. Next time, but for now... let me make help you feel better..." Justin leans in close to you and starts kissing your neck. You feel pure guilt as Justin touches your body. Justin's hand starts caressing your shoulder. He moves your hands and places them to your side. He tries to let your towel drop, but you stop it. Justin stops kissing your neck and you just say to him, "I.. uh.. gotta get dressed... I'm feeling a chill." Justin: "let me warm you up then..." Justin goes to kiss you again but you stop him and say, "Justin, stop. I gotta get dressed." Justin notices you're a bit off. He blows it off and just says "fine. I'ma be down stairs playing video games with Chaz and Ryan. Let me know when you wanna join us." Justin slams the door behind him. You sit on the edge of the bed, reliving what happened with you and Ryan, thinking how could you have let it get out of hand. You pull yourself together and get dressed. You head on downstairs and find Justin Ryan and Chaz in the kitchen. The guys are just drinking off water bottles and eating a couple chips. You think to yourself how could you face Ryan in front of Justin like nothing happened. A thought comes across your head.. you enter the kitchen, you pass Ryan and Chaz and walk straight for Justin. You smile at Justin and Justin brings his arms out to embrace a hug from you.

You walk straight to him pull him close to you and kiss him. You start making out with him in front of Chaz and Ryan. Justin drops his water bottle as your lips touch his and it spills on the floor. He embraces the kiss, kissing you back with deep passion massaging his tongue against yours. You turn Justin around as you make out with him and open your eyes for a second to see if Ryan is watching. He is and he just watches you with a confused look on his face as he watches you make out with Justin and close your eyes back again. Justin lifts you up and you hop on his waist wrapping your legs around him. Chaz: "what the hell? Whores. Get a room." Ryan: "Word... no one wants to see that.." Ryan walks out the kitchen. Chaz: "can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know! Oh, God love ya." Justin laughs between the kiss and Chaz just snickers as he leave the kitchen. You and Justin continue to make out. You start moaning in Justin's hand as he slams you against a cabinet sitting you on a counter. You start unknotting Justin's basketball shorts. Justin breaks the kiss and says "Whoooa, baby.. wait. Not here." You: "Why not?" You kiss him back but Justin breaks the kiss again.

Justin: " because one of the guys can walk in..." You: "So what..?" Justin: "I'm guessing you're feeling better...?" Justin laughs as he says it to you. You: "Justin, I love you." Justin: "... babe I love you too." He kisses you. Justin: "I love you more than you can imagine." You start tearing as you hear him say that. Justin: "babe... what's wrong..? Don't cry. You think I don't love you?" Through your tears you say, "I just wanted to hear you say it... I just love you so much, it scares me..." Justin: "Baby, I love you no matter what." Justin places his hand on your cheek and presses his lips gently against yours. He slowly and sensually starts kissing you. He starts sliding his tongue in you, ever so slowly exploring your mouth as his tongue glides around yours. He breaks the kiss and wipes your tears. You smile up at him and he says "Better?" You reply, "Much." He helps you off the counter and says to you, "I gotta clean up this whole mess, as go pick up the basketballs from the court, meet you upstairs?" You give him one last kiss before exiting the kitchen and say "Ok.." He smirks at you as you walk away with a smile. You enter the living room and see Chaz and Ryan on the couch watching a movie.

Chaz: "Well, how was the face sucking?" He smirks at you. In a sensual way laughing you say, "the best I've ever had..." As you say it you look at Ryan and he looks back. Your eyes meet for a split second. Ryan: "you and Justin gonna watch the movie with us?" Ryan breaks the silence. You: "Don't think so. We're gonna watch a movie up stairs.." Chaz: "Well damn, want the condom now?" Chaz says sarcastically. "Justin doesn't use one." You reply. Chaz has a shocked amused face on and he just laughs. "I'ma just head up stairs.." you say walking towards the stairs. A few mins later Ryan says to Chaz, "ayo, I gotta take a leak. I'll be right back." "you leaving me by myself babe?" Chaz says jokingly. Ryan replies, "I'll be right back, I'ma just secretly go masturbate to you in the bathroom." Chaz: "You can do it here, I don't mind." Chaz winks at you. Ryan laughs, "Yo you have issues." Chaz just laughs. Ryan heads upstairs to the bathroom. He knocks on the door and goes to relieve himself on Justin's side of the bathroom. What he doesn't know is that you're in the back, in the closet of the bathroom looking for something to wear. You hear something, and smile thinking its Justin You hear the sink turn on and you decide to go check it out. As you walk out of the closet, you bump into Ryan. Your eyes widen as he just looks back down at you. You: "I thought you were Justin..." Ryan: "I'm not. Why would you do it?" You: "Do what..?" Ryan: "Act like a whore and make out with Justin in front of us like that?" Your mouth drops as Ryan calls you a whore. You slap him as an instinct. Ryan rolls his tongue in his cheek feeling it sting.

You: "Don't ever insult me like that. I'm allowed to make out with my boyfriend." Ryan: "While you whore around with me?" You go to slap Ryan again but he grabs your hand and slams you against the wall. Ryan: "What? Am I wrong? You didn't like it?" Ryan presses his body against yours. You feel his breath against your lips. Ryan: "Tell me you didn't like it and mean it." You: "No. I didn't." Ryan: "So you'll just moan anyones name?" You go to knee him but his body is pressed to close against yours. You: "Ryan let me go.." Ryan: "Kiss me first." You: "NO. Let me go." Ryan: "Kiss me." You: "Ryan, Let me go-" Ryan presses his lips against yours and starts to kiss you. You're taken back by it. You start kissing him back. Ryan slides his tongue into your mouth and you start massaging yours against his. You start panting as he continues to furiously kiss you. He lifts your leg sliding his up your thigh, with your back still against the wall. Ryan breaks the kiss and in heavy breaths he says "you love it.." You pull his neck towards you and go back to passionately kissing him. You start moaning as he moves his hand down your ass and starts gripping it. You both continue to make out, Ryan grunts your name , its getting hotter and suddenly you hear a knock on the bathroom door and the door opens. Chaz: "Yo Ryan Hurry up-" You and Ryan stop as Chaz just stands at the door in shock. Chaz: "Whoa... whats going on....?"

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