For Brielle♥

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"What do you want to eat babe?" Justin asked me. We were hungry, so we went in McDonalds. "Definitely Big Mac." He smiled. "That's my girl." He ordered food.

"Go upstair and book us a table." I nod and went to the elevator.

I came in and pushed the button for 4th floor. I looked at the mirror and fixed my hair.

Suddenly, the elevator stopped at 2nd floor and my ex Jason came in.

"Hello Brielle!" He said surprisingly.

"Uhm..Hey Jason." He smiled. It was so awkward, cause he didn't know for my new boyfriend. We broke up 6 months ago.

"So, how you doing?"

"Awesome." I didn't want to look in his eyes, so I was looking down all the time.

"Hungry much?" He was so curious. I hate that. "Yes, pretty much."

Suddenly, the elevator stopped.

"Attention! The elevator has broken. Don't panic, help is coming in one hour." We heard on the radio in the elevator.

"What? Are you kidding me? 1 hour? I will eat this mirror!" I yelled. I always scream when I'm angry. But the worst is, I'm stuck in it with my ex! Jason laughed.

"You never lost your sense of humor." I hate my humor, but this wasn't even funny.

I didn't know what to say, so I was just looking around.

I heard my phone was ringing. Justin was calling me.

"Babe, where are you? I can't find you."

"I'm stuck in the elevator. I'll be here at least an hour. I'm sorry. Eat the food and wait for me."

"Ok. I'll wait."

"So, you have a company?" I hate his curiosity. "Yes. It's kinda obvious." I rolled my eyes, when he looked back. "You're cute when you're funny." What? It wasn't funny at all. Jerk.

He took my hand. I looked at him strangly and he didn't want to let me go. "What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Look (Y/N), I miss you so much. I can't stop thinking about you. I think I still love you." He came closer to me. And kissed me.

I pushed him away. "Jason, this is so wrong." "It's not worng, I love you, and I know you still love me. I can see the look in your face."

What the heck was he talking about. It was so strange. I never get him. What look in my eyes? All I was doing was looking down and rolling my eyes.

"I have a boyfriend. And I love him the most. We are the past. I moved on long time ago."

"He doesn't need to know. But remember our memories. How we kissed, hang out, we wanted to marry. And you wanted to have 2 girls. Mona and Sarah. Remember?"

I started to cry. "Sure I remember. How could I forget? It spent beautiful time with you. But it's over. And do you remember how you cheated on me? Do you remember either?"

"I said I'm sorry-" "It's not enough to forget! I have a new boyfriend and I'm pretty sure he will never do that. Cause he really loves me. More than you did."

Suddenly doors opened and Justin was standing outside.

"Baby! I was so scared. Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

I hugged him. "No baby, I'm great. And very hungry."

He smiled. "Never use the elevators again. Not without me." I giggled. We hugged me with one arm and we went outside. I looked back. Jason was standing there and crying. I felt so bad for him.

I stopped. "Justin, I forgot something. Wait me here." He nod and I went to Jason.

"Jason, I'm sorry, but we are the past. I can't change my feelings. I love Justin. I love you. Like a friend. I'm really glade I have such a great friend as you. But Justin is the one I want to marry. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I understand. I love you too. Now go, he's waiting for you."

I smiled and hugged him. We said goodbye.

"Who was that?" Justin asked me.

"Oh, just my friend. He just broke up with his girlfriend and he wants her back. You know, I have to say something nice to him."

"Okay. Now let's go eat a Big Mac." I smiled and kissed him on a cheek.

I'm happy that I'm over with Jason. If he didn't cheat on me, I'd probably still be with him. And I wouldn't have the best boyfriend on the world - Justin.

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