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He Got Caught twerking from.!?!

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You and Justin had inviting family over because you were pregnant and you die less than week and he wanted them to be there.

You and Justin were sitting on the couch and he gently put his head on your huge belly and rubbed it.You stroke his hair and you felt a kick near Justin's hand.

"Babe,She kicked."He said smiling.

That smile was everything.

He kissed you and then he wanted to listen to music and Letting Go by Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj and his "normal" self decided he wanted to dance.

He started to dougie and his other moves but then he decided to Twerk for you so he danced in the kitchen,the couch,the floor,in front of you and then he started twerking on the stairs.

What he didn't now was Fredo,Pattie and Jeremy were behind him.

"Umm son..?"Jeremy said and Justin screaming like a little girl and jumped on the couch behind you.

You laughed a he hid behind a pillow.

You went behind the pillow and kissed him.

Then Alfredo came behind behind you two and gripped your heads.

"Don't stop still I let go."He said and the you heard a click and Fredo let go but you kept kissing.

"Okay.....So. That's enough"Jeremy said.

But y'all kept kissing.

"Lets go out to eat and leave these two alone."Pattie said grabbing her keys.

You didn't care as long as his lips met yours.

You two kissed and didn't care what they thought.

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