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Justin & Kids

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You took your book and sat down on the couch, sipping on your drink. "Hey baby!" Justin said, walking in with your six months old daughter.

"Hey Jay" you smiled at him as he sat down with your daughter in his lap.

"Who's the cutest daughter ever?" you heard Justin ask in a baby voice and you looked up to find him talking to your daughter with her giggling.

"you are!" he grins and kisses her forehead.

He gave her the stuffed teddy bear he had gotten her when he was on tour and laid her down on the floor, slowly lifting her shirt and leaving his lips on her tummy and blowing, making her laugh.

she clapped her hands and kicked her legs, still laughing as justin kept blowing.

"you're so adorable, daddy loves you" he whispered to her and kissed her forehead.

"Daddy and mommy are so lucky to have you in their lives" he whispered and played with her hands.

Minutes later of silence you looked up to find him asleep on the couch with your daughter asleep on his chest.

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