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Imagine you and your best friend Justin are chilling at his house. You two just watched a movie and now ordered a pizza. You know Justin since you're 4 years old and he's one of your closest friends, he knows all your secrets and you trust him like no other person. Sure, it's hard to keep the friendship since he's famous but you two are meeting at least every 2 weeks and he calls you every day. You think that's really cute but there's one person who doesn't like it at all; your boyfriend. He is the jealous type of boyfriend and doesn't like Justin for spending so much time with you. Your pizza arrived and you and Justin are eating now. He is doing silly faces to make you laugh and when you start laughing he smiles at you. You love his smile, it's just so adorable and you could forget the world around you when you see him smiling.You two continue having fun when your phone starts to ring. You see the caller-ID and sigh when you realize that's your boyfriend and Justin's smile already disappeared from his perfect face. "Don't answer" says Justin. "He's going to kill me if I don't answer. You know him Justin" you are looking at him with sadness in your eyes. "That's the point (Y/N). I know him and I know that he's not the right guy for you. He always makes you sad and I can't see you like this anymore. You're not happy with him, right ?" Justin looks directly into your eyes while waiting for the answer. "No, I am not." You say and a tear starts to roll down your face as you're looking at the ground. "(Y/N) don't cry, it's okay." He says while stroking your cheek with his hand, forcing you to look into his beautiful eyes. "I just don't know what to do Justin". Another tear rolls down your face and Justin moves closer to you "You deserve someone better. You deserve someone who truly loves you (Y/N)" "And who's this ? Nobody loves me Justin " you reply with a sad voice. "Oh really ? That's not true because" he paused for a moment, when his eyes met yours again "I do. I love you (Y/N)" with this words he leans in and his soft lips are touching yours for the first time. You love the feeling of his lips pressed against yours and you start kissing back. "Be mine." whispers Justin against your lips and deepened the kiss before you could answer. But you don't need to answer, you're already his.

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