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You were feeling horny and you needed Justin's body like...RIGHT NOW!!

Justin came home and came upstairs where you were dressed in a sexy doctor outfit.Justin came in and saw you in the chair.You stood up but he tried to kiss you but you pushed him on the bed.

You pulled his shoes and socks off and his pants and shirt but you left Jerry in his cage.You kissed his neck and his nipples and moved down to his abs and muscles and kissed each one,you kissed Jerry through the boxers and started kissing all over and his Jerry was sticking up and you put your mouth on in and used your hands to pump blood for his "blood pressure"

He cummed and you ripped his boxers off and he switched position.He roped off the outfit and left you in nothing but heels and he kissed your neck and nipples making them hard and moved to your clit.

He spelled his entire name in your clit and you moaned loudly and he then thrusted in you raw!He slammed Jerry in your Tom making you scream and you scratched his back up he left hickies on your neck and breasts.

You screamed his name and then took the "dirty" Jerry in your mouth swallowing his whole and swallowing his cum.The salty wet juices dripped on your chin making Justin go doggy style.He trusted in your hole making you scream,he stuck three fingers in your clit while he thrusted in you making you squirt all over his body an he used your "cum" for lube and rubbed it all over his Jerry and you two did 69.You two did the armchair(the guy sits down and the girl sticks her legs in the armchair holes and rides the guy and then he put your legs above his head.

He didn't know you were flexible then you bent down ad turned your head to suck on Jerry still tasting yourself and he cummed and squirted in your mouth.

"Beat sex ever"He said rubbing your clit."I know"You sad pumping Jerry and making each other moan softly.He kissed you and you returned the kiss back.


Hey Olivia

Sorry if short or not how you wanted it but I wrote this at 2:00 a.m.!Be proud girl.!(:







Don't be scared

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