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It's 12:41 a.m an I'm bored so I'm writing this and I don't mind writing more than and sorry if I didn't do it sooner,I didn't look but here you go love!


"Justinnnnnnnnnnn"You moaned his name.

"What (@cyanbieber)?!?"He said

"Kiss me."You said.

He ran to you and smothered you with kisses.Then he started to leave til you said his name again.

"Can you cuddle with me?"You said.

He smiled and said yes and you two talked and kissed all night..

-The Next Day-



"Kiss me"

And again did he kiss you making you laugh.

"Want me to cuddle too?"He said.

You held out your arms and he cuddled with you.

This happened til the day before tour.

"(@cyanbieber)Why do you keep asking for kisses and cuddling?"He asked you.

"Because I know I won't see you for a long time and its my last chance"You said almost in tears.

He took your face and kissed you all over making you laugh and he hugged.

"Don't love no other girl got it?"You said.

"I will.But you will too because she's gonna call you mama"He said kissing your forehead.

You said you wanting to give him something.

You came back down with a wrapped box,shaped like a cd.

"Don't open til you get on the bus."You said kissing him a long passionate kiss and he put it in his pocket and he promised and he left.

You had the biggest smile on your face.

Justin POV

I wonder what it is,I thought while holding the package.

I got on the bus and fell asleep.

-Hours later-

I got up and It was 12:00 am.

I stretched and went back to sleep to see the present on the counter beside the computer.

I opened it and saw a cd.

I put it in my laptop and played it.

It was (@cyanbieber)'s friend,Y/F/N.

"Hey Justin,Bet your wondering what this is but you will see"

She walked in a room and pointed the camera to Cyan.

"Hey babe.I got news.Wondering why I'm in hospital clothes huh?"Shee said smiling. And I smiled.

The camera pointed to a doctor.

He put a liquid type stuff on Cyan's belly and attached a tube to her stomach.Then the camera went back to Y/F/N.

"That's all your gonna see.Now look in the envelope"She said shutting the camera.

I looked and pulled out three pics.

Two ultrasounds.

And two kids.

That read:

Brianna Marie Bieber under one and under the other one said:

Justin Drew Bieber Jr.

I couldn't help but cry happy tears...

I'm a dad...

I woke everybody else up and I was gonna tell them.

"Cyan is pregnant with a boy and girl and I'm the father"I said smiling big.

They congrated me and ten I texted Cyan..

"Tell Brianna and Justin that I love them

My life is complete.



There you go love!I don't say no I request!

I loves Youuu!!!!!

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-Mother Mofo🎀

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