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F.W.B ...Uhh..I think..?

Here I sat with justin at lunch he's been my friends since I first ever met him in the music game.

Me-"So hows life", I asked and he shrugged.

Justin-"Broke up with selena agian", he said and I rolled my eyes.

Me-"When is there ever a time you two arent together or split", I said jokingly and sipped my ice tea, he smiled at me.

Justin-"Haha very funny", he said and I winked at him then picked up another one of my fries.

Me-"But seriously you should stop yourm jsut hurting yourself more", I said and he just looked down still eating his burger.

Me-"Come on lets go", I said and took another big bite of my burger then a drink of tea then got up and grabbed his hand leading him to the water at the beach.

We got to the water and I swung him in, I didnt see him come up though and thats when I felt someone lift me up then I was under water, I smiled and came up moving my hair out of my face and smiled seeing his face, I as in his arms now and he smiled at me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and my legs around his waist.

Me-"So what do I owe for this moment with the famous justin bieber", I said and he smiled.

Justin-"Hmmmmm...", he said acting like he was thinking.

"Hmmm how about a kiss", he said and puckered his lips. I smiled and unwrapped my legs from around his waist and stood.

Me-"Okay close your eyes", I said and smiled, he smiled back and closed them. Once he did I splashed him with water and took off away from him in the water.

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