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For @kamaribieber255

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You stared at with deep curiosity as he removed his clothes in front of the closet. His skin tightly wrapped around every muscle. His fingers fumbled with the hem of his pants and belt. His back muscles pierced through his shirt as he bent down, kicking his jeans away. Ruffling his hair before removing his shirt, tossing it behind him. He quickly glanced at you doing a double take. You faintly smirked directing your eyes the other way. You felt yourself get excited, it was a chase to you, who would give in first.

You leaned back against the headboard looking down tangling your fingers together. Suddenly a part of the bed shifted sliding you over slightly. Without any warning he took his large hands spreading your leg coming in between them leaning close to your face. "I saw you stareing princess. You give up?" He whispered inches from your lips. Your lips breifly grazed not wanting to break the tension. His hands had traveled down to your bare waist gliding down with every silent second. You nodded. Noisy kisses around your neck was all it took to fill the room.

Your pussy throbbed at your impatience. He rubbed the insides of your thighs gently as his sinful mouth made its way down to your lower stomach. Your hands tangled with your own hair. Your eyes lids fluttered as his lips stopped moving. "Beg for it." He demanded, his hands stroked your stomach as he waited for your response.

"Justin.." You groaned guideing his hands back down.

Without warning he plunged two long fingers into you pumping furiously. Your breath quickened, your chest rising and falling, moans spilling out of your mouth. Still pumping he hovered over you. "Don't moan my name like that babe, you know it drives me crazy." He said out of breath. His lips connected with yours his tounge moving in sych with yours. He slid the two fingers out and slowly slid them up your stomach, his hand grabbing the side of your waist. Your hands traveled to his boxers ripping them off with one swift move. You took one hand to his bare chest pushing him off you and pinning him down. A small grin spread on his lips, his eyes focusing on you fully.

Your hair fell to one side as you narrowed your eyes downward. Your nails clawed softly on his chest as you dove down on his dick. His head tilted back as he groaned. You rubbed your thumb over the tip teasingly.

"Don't tease me." He growled moaning.

You licked the sides before taking his into your mouth. His hands became tangled in your hair. He sqirmed underneath you. His deep husky moans and uneven breathing made your pussy ache for him. "Ah fuck." He murmured. He pulled gently on your hair like he always did when he was about to cum. He turned you over so he was on top. "Someone's a bit wet." He said flicking his tounge into you. Your back arched at his quick movements. His hand grasped your waist as he propped himself up. Everything went slow at that moment, you focused on his face. God he was beautiful. His face serious as he adjusted himself to your entrance. He leaned over you, lust filling any dead air.

"Ready princess?" He said grinning.

You brought him closer wrapping your arms arounf his neck, biting his lip slightly. He took no time pushing into you several times "Fuck, your so tight." He hissed grabbing the headboard of the bed. You saw stars at the pleasure you had. He rocked his hips hitting your g-spot. "Fuck Justin.." You moaned tilting your head back. You felt yourself tighten around him and his dick twitched inside you. He dove down and kissed you gently before you both released. He fell beside you as you stared at the ceiling trying to even your breath. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him stareing directly at you. You shifted, turning to face him. He pulled your waist closer to him. "I love you.

"l love you too"


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