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P.S. Justin isn't famous in this one.

Y/N's POV:

I have been dating this amazing guy named Justin Bieber for 3 years now. I loved him so much, but he was in the military, so I barely got to see him. He has been in Iraq for almost a year now, I don't know when he's coming home, or if he is. I brushed the thought away, I was with my best friends having lunch at Chick-fil-a. We were seated waiting for our food, talking about gossip going around campus. Oh yea did I mention I'm in college? Well I am, so we were talking when I see my best friend Julie recording me.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"Turn around." I heard a deep, husk voice said.

I turned around, and I screamed. He had trays of food, with our food and set it down on the table. I got up and hugged him, I jumped on Justin and held on tight, afraid that if i let go he would leave me again. I heard cheers, and saw people recording my reaction. They were also clapping, I could hear my friends cheering the loudest. They knew that this past year has been hell without him. They knew how much they meant to me.

"I missed you so much!" I said while sobbing, I couldn't believe he was back in my arms, safe and sound. He held me tight and his whispered in my ear saying "I missed you so much Y/N, i love you." He kissed me, and I could remember when he first said those words, and when he kissed me for the first time. He let me down gently, and kissed me once more. After all the chaos was over we ate, and I just held on tight to him. I turned to him and said "leave me again, and see what happens!" trying to sound angry when I couldn't. I had the love of my life back in my arms, everything was going to be alright.

Everything was okay, because I had him, and nothing was going to take him away from me.

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