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For @tori_jade_bieber

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You and Justin were on the beach and You and Justin were tanning.You grabbed your sunscreen and spreaded it on your front side.

Justin saw and he got your back side.

He sat on your ass and rubbed the sunscreen on your back and his hands goes to your ass and he moans softly and he has a boner.

"See what you did to me.."He said.

He took your hand and grabbed you to a shack away from everybody.He started to kiss your neck leaving love bites and he removed your bikini sucking on your nipples making you slightly moan.You rub his hard dick then he moves down to your stomach and down to your bikini bottoms and rips them off and kissing each of your thighs leading to your tight wet pussy.

He puts one leg up as he goes deeper and deeper and then he tells you to get on your knees and he pushes his dick towards your face.You pull his shorts down and pump him slowly and then he gets mad because he's so horny so he pushes the dick into your mouth and thrusted fast as you deep throat him.

"You naughty girl, teasing me."He turns you around and shoves in you without warning and you scream his name.

He thrusts faster making you two thighs flap with his and he then left one leg to go deeper and deeper.

"I'm gonna cum"He said.

"Me too baby."You said.

His face inches away from yours.

"Look at me when you cum" Justin said.

"Who makes you feels like this?"Justin says.

"YOU"You said as you cummed on his dick.

He moans and you feel his wet liquid shoot in you.

He kisses your forehead.

"I love you baby"He said catching his breath.

"I love you too Justin"You said breathing hard.

You two get dressed and act like nothing happens.


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