VMAs with Justin

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You and Justin have been friends for years; all the way back when you were both in the same kindergarten class. He is allowed to invite someone to the VMAs with him so he invites you. You get onto the red carpet with Justin and Jaxon was there too. The paparazzi kept asking questions if You was Justin’s girlfriend. He just keeps ignoring them. “Wow I cant believe how many people are here!” you.say. You sit down next to Justin while they announce hottest male singer,and the winner is Justin Bieber! Justin jumps up out of his seat picks you up and swings you around. You hold on to him very tight. He runs up to the stage; as he was thanking his beliebers he said this. “I really want to thank a lovely girl that is here tonight.” he says. “She has been supportive though everything I do and I think I’m in love with her”he says. Your mouth fell open and let out a big smile. When he gets off the stage he sits next to you and says, “I mean what I said by the way” and you grab his hand and he turns his face and kisses you on the lips.

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