Bad Girl

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P.s  Your catholic in this imagine or it kinda wouldn't make sense.

#Imagine Justin and You are dating. I'm at his house, no one is home except us...It's pretty much an ordinary day, just hanging out. I'm cuddled up to Justin, resting between his legs casually just watching a film. I notice Justin seems restless, but ignore it. After about 20 minutes a sex scene comes on and Justin jumps up & shuts off the film.
Confused, I walk towards him and reach out but he steps back. I frown, hurt by his rejection. "What's up Justin?"..
"Nothing." He replies too quickly. I sigh, "Just tell me what's up?" Justin doesn't respond but I notice a bulge in his pants. I try and stifle a laugh, something was definitely up ;) It was actually kinda hot that he was hard..We hadn't even been making out. I suppose I had been fidgeting a bit though. I must have been grinding into his crotch..Whoopsy! ;D

"Justin.." I purr, deciding I wanted him. I'd have to seduce him "Please come over here."
He froze.."Y/n?" He looked much younger than he actually was, standing there timidly. Where had my horny 16 year old disappeared to? I pouted going full on flirting mode "Bieber, I'm lonely over here." I was going to retrieve my hornball of a boyfriend.
I wasn't sure why, its not like I hadn't considered sex, I mean who wouldn't with a god as a boyfriend but I never felt the need to take things further. Sure he made me horny but I'd been raised Catholic. He came over to the couch sliding in beside, me he seemed more relaxed. Then I suppose he can read so well he could probably sense that things would happen. "Y/n.." Justin began but I silenced him with a kiss. His body reacted immediately, following mine, keeping the contact as I eased back like one of our normal makeout sessions but the atmosphere was different, my heart was racing! Everything I did seem to be more frantic. Even winding my fingers through Justin's hair like I always sent electricity running through my veins. His boner that had upset him early was now pressed hard against my thigh, poking me. It was a huge turn on knowing that I was turning Justin on. We broke apart reluctantly, "Maybe we should go upstairs?.." seeing him in all his perfection with his lustful eyes made me self-conscious. What if I wasn't good enough? I was suddenly shy, turning away.
I felt Justin arms wrap around me. His embrace was bliss. "You okay?" he asked and I nodded. God, I'd have to stop being so stupid I grabbed Justin's hand and led him upstairs. We fell onto his bed in a heap, continuing to kiss. I felt his teeth grazing over my bottom lip. I shivered gently, opening my mouth. Justin's probing tongue entered and he assaulted my mouth with his hot tongue. My mind raced with naughty thoughts about what his tongue could do. Fisting a handful of his shirt I drew him closer to me, he was propped up on his elbows, careful not to squish me. By the look on his face he wanted this as much as I did. I carefully brushed my hand over his bulge. He hissed at the contact and it's transcended into moans. Growing more confident I undid his jeans and dove into his boxers gripping his hard dick. It twitched in my hand and I almost melted, I wanted him. Slowly I attempted a few steady pumps of his length.
From the noises Justin was making, was doing a pretty good job. I stopped and Justin came back down to earth. I smiled proud at my ability to please him. I was unsure how to convey the fact that I wanted to fuck him. I decided a shocker might be fun...
I pulled off my tank top, leaving my purple bra exposed. I stood up, in front of Justin and dropped my skirt. He simply stared open-mouthed. I shook a little, my shyness returning. I pushed through, now or never. Reaching behind myself I unhooked my bra Justin's eyes clouded over and he unconscious leaned towards my now naked chest. I gasped as Justin took a breast in hand. His hands were absolutely freezing and my nipples hardened. I soft mewing escaped my lips and I blushed as Justin gazed up at me. He was content, acquainting himself to my body. One hand roamed over my stomach and hips and the other massaged my breast. Paying attention to my nipple every now and then. My legs were turning to slush so Justin pulled me onto his lap. We had barely anything on. I had panties and Justin had boxers and a half open shirt. Funny, I didn't remember opening it ;D
I sighed, thoroughly enjoying the sensations Justin was causing. He lowered his head, and captured a nipple in his mouth. I cried out, shocked and pleased. He was gentle but there was fierce longing there. "I love your boobs Y/N." I wanted to giggle and probably would have if Justin's masterful fingers hadn't chosen that exact moment to begin rolling my other nipple around in them. I lost all coherent thought for a moment simply reveling in his actions. The haze lifted slightly and I realized neither of us had come yet and my pussy was throbbing and dripping wet. Mortified, I realized Justin could probably how very wet I am right now. I blushed as Justin dug into the pocket of his discarded jeans. He pulled out his wallet and removed a condom.
"I've been carrying this around since I turned 15 incase I got into a sticky situation" he grinned lazily..My Justin was back, #16yearhormones & all.

He opened it and rolled it onto his stiff cock. I could have drooled watching him. I wasn't sure what was so hot about it but it was. His eyes flicked up and met mine. I smiled. I looped my arms around his neck and we shifted onto the bed. There was only I teeniest trace of nerves left, I had no reason to be nervous. Justin would take care of me. I knew that.
Hovering over me, he removed my panties. He marveled at how wet they were and then to my disbelief he sniffed them!..I just had a gut feeling I wouldn't be getting them back. Shame, they were cute.
"Relax," Justin said soothingly had I had an inclination it may have been more to himself than to me but I took the advice anyway. The head of Justin thick cock crept closer and closer to my throbbing slit. I nearly frantic with anticipation. An inch further and he would be about to enter me. I desperately fought the urge to buck my hips, and finally the tip of his length was at my soaked hole the friction was sweet and we both enjoyed that minor pleasure. Justin's self control astounded me. I was the one who would suffer yet I didn't care! I just needed to feel him buried deep inside me. I moaned as more of his cock entered my pussy. I was vaguely aware of him groaning something that may have been my name. I was so lost in my own euphoria I couldn't focus. He inched forward just a tiny bit more a pain pierced through me. I yelped and Justin froze, pulling me into his arms.)"Baby! Are you okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." Justin sounded dazed but he held me close, nuzzling the top of my head. The pain gradually subsided and I told Justin I was okay. He gently thrusted and a slight ripple of pain passed through me but nothing I couldn't handle. After a few thrusts the original pleasure I felt returned and I was in heaven. Justin's scent enveloped me. I was weak, breathing normally was hard..All I could manage were little puffs of air. Confident I was okay, Justin began fucking me his strokes grew long & hard as he pummeled into me. Each thrust earned him with a new round of babbling & nails raked down his back. Justin's fingers, talented little bastards, snuck between our conjoined, sweaty bodies to find my clit. I bolted upright my mouth opened in a silent 'O' as my biebergasm shocked through me. I couldn't make a sound Justin watched me transfixed as I thrashed about, cumming harder than ever before in my life. Eventually I began to calm down and try to collect the muddled pieces of my brain together.
My eyes couldn't stay opened, and as they flickered trying to function, I caught glimpses of Justin. He was sitting back, watching me. He gently pulled me into his lap and we cuddled up. His hand began to absent mindedly stroke my hair. I mewed, like the cat the got the cream. I was unbelievably satisfied, I couldn't move my legs were jell-o.
Justin pressed a kiss to my forehead, "I love you."
I smiled, "Love you too, Justin." I mumbled. I wasn't sleepy, but before my mind had been racing and now there was silence. It was blissful.
All the filled my head was the feel of Justin's warm skin against mine, his steady heartbeat and the pleasure that just consumed us.
"We should watch the notebook more often." I said and Justin laughed at me. Placing another chaste kiss to my cheek he nodded "Definitely."

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