A/N Again *Sorry*

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Well two people requested ideas and I love them both....

I picked the one with the wedding cause it sounded magical...(Dont hate me....about the other request I love it too)

Cameren said:The Break Up

So I chose The Wedding

And Cam chose The Breakup

Im waiting on my last judge I hurry and judge which one she likes

And remember chickas,If you tweet me,follow me,DM me,Message me on here or comment...I might choose you to be the OLLG

Now I know alot of you haven't been the OLLG and I haven't either but this imagine will make you feel like you are there so this is how I'd choose you to be the OLLG

•Tell me why you wanna be OLLG

•Your Favorite Imagine I wrote

•And if your picked,what is your outfit!?

So please comment request vote share tweet follow message whatever you can and Im still looking for ideas for a fanfic so request

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