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Justin Dances With A broom...SEXUALLY!?!

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Don't judge if short...I don't see your butt up around 1 in the morning..

1:14 am

You left the house early because you had errands and you had left a list for Justin to do.

You drove home and Love Faces came on.

You bobbed your head to the beat and made it home but you heard music so you went inside to see Justin dancing to Love Faces and he grabbed the broom and started grinding on it and your jaw dropped along with your keys.

His hips grinded on the broom perf and you couldn't help but get happy at the sight so then He put the broom down an he close his eyes and started dancing around and then he went for the broom,he felt something warm.Your body and he opens his eyes to see you grinding on his Jerry making him horny as fuck!

Then it ended up with hot lusty sex and sure enough,you made love faces and Justin makes you think he just invented sex..

Oh p.s You couldn't walk for almost a week in a half!(;

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