For Sarah

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"Mr. Bieber is so hot..." I mumbled to my best friend as we gawked at him from the desks in the back corner. Everything about him made my heart skip. From his brown hair and stunning brown eyes to his lean body and muscular shoulders. "I know know...he's damn. fine." she agreed. Mr. Bieber stood at the front of the room, teaching us something about chemistry, but i wasn't paying attention to the lesson. I was too distracted by the way his large hands gripped the white board marker, and how he would occasionally lick his lips when he's thinking. His eyes...I could get lost in them. And i often did, whenever he would ask me a question, or start making small talk. I hated his class...he was so tempting. But i knew better. He was a teacher, and i was just a student. Nothing could happen. I was a good kid, and i didn't want this on my record, or his. But there was something about the way he would look at me. It was different than the way he looked at other students. His eyes got darker, and his voice deeper. I was probably just imagining it. They say that you become delusional when you want something. Wait, but I don't want this. I can't want this. "He's just-" "Ms. (y/l/n). How many times do i have to tell you to stop talking in my class." Mr. Bieber scolded. I felt my cheeks flush as i was caught in the act. I averted my eyes away from him and focused on the blank sheet of notebook paper that i should have been taking notes on, but was too distracted. "Sorry, Mr. Bieber." i said, my voice was almost an octive higher than usual, a result of my embarrassment. "Sorry doesn't cut it. I'm afraid you are going to get a detention this time." Mr. Bieber's remarked, and began filling out a detention slip. I nodded, my face getting redder by the second. I should have kept quiet. Mr. Bieber walked to the back of the classroom, handing me my slip. I looked at it guiltily, reading his messy handwriting over and over. detention for talking in class after warned not to. It was not until the bell rang that i realized that he never warned me not to talk during class...


I walked into Mr. Bieber classroom after school. He was sitting at his desk, correcting some papers when i walked in, and he didn't look up. I cleared my throat awkwardly, not knowing what else to do. Mr. Bieber glanced up at me standing in the doorway. "Well come on in! i don't bite." he said, gesturing me to close the door. The way he said bite made me think of love bites...i shook the dirty thought from my mind. I was not going to think about this while i was alone with him. "So, uh. What do you want me to do?" oh god, i hope that didn't sound wrong. Mr. Bieber just cocked an eyebrow, "Well...uh, you could pick up all the scraps on the floor for a start." i nodded. I would to anything to get away from the obvious tension that was building between us. I dropped my backpack next to the door, and walked to the back of the class room, bending over to pick up any scraps of paper that were left behind. What a lame detention. At least he wasn't making me do some stupid extra assignment. That was a plus. When i was done, i turned around to through the scraps in the garbage, but ran into Mr. Bieber instead. He had been behind me picking up scraps too. I jumped a little, not realizing he was so close, and almost fell, but Mr. Bieber grabbed my waist to keep me upright. "Easy there." He smiled, showing off his smile, and causing my heart beat to speed up. My hand rested gently on his chest, and as soon as i realized it, i pulled it away. But Mr. Bieber was slower to let me go, and when his warm hand left my waist, i was slightly disappointed, but i shouldn't have been. He's a teacher, and i'm just a student. JUST a student. I backed away, but not far. "Sorry, Mr. Bieber." i said, embarrassed. Mr. Bieber laughed as he shook his head. "You know, you say sorry a lot." he commented. "It's kind of cute." wait. Cute? He thought it was cute? wait...i'm sure teachers shouldn't call their students cute. Mr. Bieber must have noticed my confusion and quickly corrected himself. "Whoops. You are a lady, and ladies aren't cute. They are beautiful." he took a step towards me, so that our chests were almost touching. "And you are nothing short of beautiful." His eyes seemed darker, and his voice was deeper, and seductive. I took a sharp breath, trying to calm my nerves. But that was near impossible. "I see the way my girl students look at me, i am not blind." he commented. I felt my cheeks redden. So he knew? "I try to ignore them, pretend that i don't notice." he continued, tucking a stay piece of hair out of my eyes and behind my ear. The small touch sent my heart into a rapid fire. "But you, i can't ignore you." His voice was near a whisper, and was getting slower, if that was possible. "You're too tempting." I turned my head away from his hungry gaze. This couldn't he happening. Mr. Bieber and I? uh uh. "I can't," i managed to get out, but it was quiet. Definitely not convincing. He didn't pull away, or even flinch at my words. Instead, his finger curled under my chin and pulled gently, forcing me to look at him. "Then stop me," his lips pressed softly to mine, gently. I was surprised he was being so careful with me, like i would break. His lips were soft, and warm on mine, and they moved in sync. It was as if my body wasn't under my control anymore, and my fingers curled around the fabric of his shirt, bringing him closer. The kiss fogged my mind, making it impossible to break away from him...he tasted too good. He smiled against my lips, "I knew you would do that," he whispered. His quiff tickled my chin as he ducked his head down to my neck, he immediately found my weak spot, and i bit my lips to try to keep a moan from escaping. He sucked my neck harder, drawing a long, and low moan from my lips which were parted in pleasure. I could tell he liked it when i moaned by the way his body tensed up, and how he pulled me closer to him. I let my head roll to the side, giving him easier access. I whimpered while Mr.Bieber's lips brushed behind my ear. His touch was electrifying, an sent my emotions tumbling. His fingertips trailed down my arm until they found the bottom of my shirt. "Do you want to do this?" Mr. Bieber's asked. I could tell that he wasn't going to pressure me to do anything, and would stop if i told him to. But i couldn't make him stop. I couldn't stop. Everything about him made me want more of him. The fact that he cared about what i thought, and wasn't just horny and decided to use me, made my heart melt. I knew that this would never work out, but at least he cared. I swallowed hard and nodded in agreement. "Yes. I want this," Mr. Bieber slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head, tossing it on the ground in a heap. I reached for his belt but he grabbed my hand. "Uh, uh. Ladies first." Mr. Bieber's skilled fingers unbuttoned my jeans, they fell to the floor as well. "Now you." i insisted, reaching for his belt again, this time he didn't stop me. His pants were soon followed by his shirt, leaving him in just his boxers. Mr. Bieber pulled me to him again, drawing small circles on my back as our tongues danced. He unclasped my bra, and i ran my fingertips down his stomach, feeling every inch of him. He was perfect. Just...perfect. "You are so beautiful." Mr. Bieber mumbled against my lips. I smiled in response, wrapping my legs around his waist, and sat upon a desk. "Mr. Bieber," i moaned again into his ear, but he stopped. "Justin." he said. "I want you to call me Justin. That is the name i want to hear escape your lips while i fill you with pleasure." his fingers played with the hem of my panties, his eyes searched mine for the unspoken question, and i nodded. They hit the floor, just like every other article of clothing that we had been wearing just moments before. i gasped as his finger entered me, Justin's curls tickled my forehead as he worked. He slipped another finger inside, and began to pump. "Justin..." i whispered. My body shook to the core as pleasure washed over me. "Louder." Justin commanded, but his tone was kinder. "Justin." i repeated, louder this time.Justin's fingers curled inside me, causing my back to arch into him as passion and lust for him hit me like a wall. "Louder..." Justin's voice trailed off, as his fingers still thrust into me. I felt as if i were close, but i didn't want him to stop. Justin!" I yelled, causing him to moan. "Just like that, baby." he cooed. My body shuddered at the intense pleasure he was providing me. I reached for his boxers, playing with the hem, when the door burst open. Our heads snapped to the door, shocked by our intruder. The Principle stood in the doorway, arms crossed. His forehead was wrinkled and his eyes narrowed at us in disgust. "You're fired." he said, his icy gaze on Harry. He pulled away from me, and i jumped up to get my clothes, totally red faced with embarrassment. How could i ever think we wouldn't be caught? How could i be so stupid...I knew this would happen. "Put your clothes on, young lady." The principle commanded. I swallowed hard, and nodded. "I'm calling your mother." he declared, before exiting the room. I threw my shirt on, wanting to cover up as soon as possible. I felt Stupid. Selfish, and screwed. My parents were going to kill me. I stole a glance at Mr. Bieber, realizing that i wasn't regretting it. Yeah, i was fucked. totally gonna die. But i wasn't regretting it even the slightest bit. "I'm so sorry." Mr. Bieber said, his voice was laced with sorrow. I finished buttoning my jeans before turning to him. "You say sorry a lot." i said, surprised to find myself smiling, considering the situation. "It's kinda cute." i said, before grabbing my backpack. As i turned to leave the classroom, i swear I saw i small smile form on Mr. Bieber perfect lips. I chuckled to myself as i walked to the office, preparing for all hell to break loose.

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