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For @sykes_khadijah

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You decided to go on a double with Y/F/N and her bf Alfredo Flores.Your date was his friend,Justin

"Come me Y/n"Y/F/N said begging you to come on the date with her.

"Fine."You said going to change.

You put in dark blue skinnys,A gray beanie,and a red and black plaid jacket plus your favorite black converse

"Justin will love you"She said hugging you.

You went met the boys and you saw him.His muscles were tight in that tank.You bit your lip from hiding a soft moan.

"Im Justin,Whats your name beautiful?" He said smiling.

Justin POV

She was beautiful.Y/F/N didn't lie about her.Her beautiful long black hair that goes to get hips.Her steak of red at the front of her hair and that gray beanie looked perfect on her.

"Y/n"She said smiling and I notice her dimples.

She hid her face in her hands but I move her hands and cup get chin and kiss her cheek making her blush a little bit.

I took her hand and we walked down to the circus.

Me and Y/n took our seats on the top on the dark away from Y/F/N & Alfredo

I took her under my shoulder and held her hand with her other hand.

"Your beautiful, Would you be my girlfriend?"I said and she smiled and said yes.I kissed her cheek and then she kissed my lips and it was magical causing butterflies in my stomach to flutter.

Then she whispered in my ear.

"You have nice muscles babe"

I lifted my tank and she gasped.

"Ima lay this body on you tonight babe"I said her ear and then I lift my shirt down and the light flashed on us.

"Couple,Come on down."The ring leader said.

I took Y/n hand and we had to sit in a water tank.

We took our phones and stuff off and he had Y/F/n and Fredo try out.

Damn..Fredo... Knows how to show love bro...

"Come on.Your my best friend,I bet you can't hit me"She said smiling in the tank across from me.

"Oh sure"She said throwing the ball.


"Ima gonna get you Y/n"She said smiling.

Then it was Alfredo turn and he threw the first ball to my target and then other at Y/n and he got us.

We came up to see Y/F/N laughing and jumping up and down.

"Now you can tell Scooter,You got Y/n wet" He said laughing and we got out and Y/n gave our stuff to Y/f/n and we went to Y/f/n & Y/n's shared house.

Y/n went upstairs and I got some of Alfredo clothes he had and changed.

I got the room to see Alfredo and Y/F/N kissing each other face off and I went in Y/n's room.

Her beautiful curves looked good in those shorts and that tank top.

I locked the door and she saw me while putting her hair in and a messy bun.

She walked towards me and I sat criss cross on her bed and she sat in my lap facing me and we started to kiss.

This was the best day ever...


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