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You and Justin were friends w/benefits.

You two stayed at his house and just cuddled.

You two decided to watch a movie,Monsters University and you two grabbed popcorn and soda and just chilled that day.

Then you two watched the titanic.

During the kissing scenes,Justin would kiss your cheek or softly on your lips and te hot sex scene,he kisses you with alot of passion.

He put the popcorn and soda on the table and you laid on top of him and kissed him!

"Haylee,I wanted to be yours since 5th grade but I didn't think you liked me back.Like you dated Brandon in 9th grade and I dated Danielle,I didn't think ou would want me but I guess tha-"

You cut him off with a kiss.

"Be mine?"He said.

You kissed him again.


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P.s who else saw Beau Brooks so #talkdirtytome last night..the things people said...I know he had to be horny(;

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