Being The OLLG<3

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My best friend Becca had managed to get us tickets to come here tonight. Sure, I was excited beyond words but I knew that come the end of the show I would instantly feel down, knowing that the months of anticipation and build up were over and we no longer had anything to look forward to. I knew it was going to be a show I'd never forget from the hundreds of cryptic tweets he'd make about incredible it would all be, not to mention the countless retweets from fans gushing at their amazement of the show. I kept kicking myself for not going to his previous tour, the Never Say Never dvd proved that it'd been spectacular. I'd have given anything to go back in time and be there but I was here now. To me, that was better than nothing.

We got to our seats and I couldn't believe our luck. Fourth row. We knew we had good seats when we'd gotten tickets but it was hundred times better than I had imagined.

Hoards upon hoards of girls surrounded us. Some with his initials written on their cheeks, legs, arms; any available flesh that they could scribble it onto, some wearing t-shirts with his face emblazoned on it, some holding banners with his name written on them. I suddenly felt incredibly old.I was probably at least 2/3years older than most of the girls that comprised the audience. It didn't matter; we were all here to see him and that's what counted, regardless of age. He was 1year older than me anyway, so I couldn't really expect anything different. I turned back to Becca and smiled.

"I can't believe we're really here!" I squealed quietly. We'd spent literally months whatsapping, texting, tweeting each other about it; not really believing that we would finally get to see him live. The countdown went slowly, but quicker than we'd expected. We'd dream up amazing scenarios in our heads and drive each other crazy with the thought of how amazing it'd be if it really happened. I never brought up my dream One Less Lonely Girl scenario though in case Poppy would laugh. He'd picked a girl from the audience every night on his My World tour and I secretly hoped he'd carry on the tradition through to every tour he did afterwards. I had no idea if he would even sing it on this tour, but I hoped he would.

Even if he didn't grab a girl from the crowd, it was still my favourite song and I wanted to hear him sing it in live in his now deeper and sexier voice.

"Neither can I." She looked towards to the stage. "He's going to be on that stage in minutes."

"Don't. I'm already excited enough as it is." I smiled as she turned back to face me.

"People keep giving us weird looks. Must be your hair." She smirked. I raised an eyebrow at her as I looked around coyly. It was true, girls around us did keep looking over in our direction. Definitely must be the hair. I had a penchant for dyeing my hair vibrant colours a lot of the time and this time, I'd chosen purple. It had honestly been an coincidence as it had completely slipped my mind that his favourite colour happened to be that. I got excited thinking that perhaps he'd be more likely to notice me with a head of violet hair. Yeah, dream on Haylee.

I pushed the thoughts away from my mind as the lights dimmed and the music began. This was it.

Justin looked even better in person. I had perved over pictures of him on the internet hundreds of times but they didn't do him justice. His now shorter hair was sticking slightly to his forehead due to the sheen of sweat that had formed there, his cheeks red from dancing and his lips swollen from singing. He'd come over to our side of the stage a few times and both Becca and I couldn't help but let out a little scream each time. I had to squeeze her hand tightly as he began to sing the opening lines of One Less Lonely Girl. I could instantly feel tears stinging at my eyes and I quickly blinked them away. I concentrated on singing along to the words when I felt a tap on my arm. I turned to my left and I recognised Allison instantly. My heart jumped a little at the sight of her, but then my stomach began to sink as I thought she was just getting my attention so I could move out of the way so she could speak to another fan. She smiled straight at me.

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