Best Friend's Brother

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Justin is your best friend's big brother. He's only one year older than you.

You're 15, and you're having a sleep over over at Your friends's house because you have a three day weekend.

You and Justin had a crush on each other for two ears now, but never confronted each other about it.

YFN went to sleep, leaving you up watching movies alone. You realized that you had to use the bathroom.-

You tip-toed through the house in the dark. When you got a little closer to the bathroom, you hit your toe against the wall.

(Y/N): Dammit... That hurt -.-

?: You okay, (Y/N)?

you turned around to be face-to-face with Justin. Even though it was dark, you could still see his light brown eyes staring at you. Questioning you.

(Y/N): Yeah, I'm alright. Just hit my toe omw to the bathroom. Did I wake you?

Justin: No, actually.. I've been waiting all night for YFN to go to sleep.

he smiled.

You kinda knew where this was going, but refused to let your mind wander off into imagination.. you had to make sure.

(Y/N): What do you mean?

Justin: You know what I mean..

He pushed you against the wall and pressed his body up against yours. You anxiously bit your lip.

(Y/N): I suddenly don't have to pee anymore ..

It seemed weird that as soon as he got around you, all feeling in your body just went away.

Justin: Tell me to stop if you want me to.

He kissed you softly on the lips and bit your bottom lip before taking his lips from yours.

He lifted you up and wrapped both legs around his waist, with a good grip on your butt.

Justin: If I'm moving to fast, just say so (Y/N)..

He bit at your neck, leaving a few hickeys. You moaned softly in his ear, ignoring everything he was saying.

(Y/N): ahhhh, Jay...

You whined as he rotated his hips, slowly grinding in between your legs, teasing your clit.

Justin: Shhh.

He carried you to his room, and locked the door after closing it. He made you lie back on the bed. Then, spreaded your legs apart. You couldn't wait to feel him inside you.

He climbed on top of you and pulled off your shirt. You smiled as it hit the floor.

(Y/N): Take off your clothes.

You told him.

He did as he was told, and slowly undressed. Eyes on yours the whole time, turning you on.

Justin: Take your pants off.

He commanded, after unbuttoning them for you. You slowly slid them down your thighs and handed them to him. He threw them on the floor next to your shirt.

Completely naked, he climbed on top of you and gave you a quick kiss before going down .........

Justin: I wanna taste you.

He wrapped your legs around his neck and sucked repeatedly on your clit, making you shake and moan.

(Y/N): Ohhhh my goddd...

You arched your back and threw your head back. You bit down on your lip to keep from screaming his name in ecstasy.

He entered his tongue inside you and you gripped the sheets.

(Y/N): Justinnnnnn..

The faster he licked, the louder your moans got.

You pushed his head deeper in between your legs. He loved that.

He flicked his tongue faster and you started gasping for air.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at at you, smiling.

Justin: Shhhh. (;

He said, puting a finger up to his lips.

He climbed on top off you and entered you slowly.

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