Pool Party

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You and your friends have been invited to a pool party, it was rumored to be the hottest party of the summer. Your friends got ready at your place, you had your bikini top and denim short shorts on with flip flops. Once you arrived at the party, you paid and the security let you in, there were a lot of people, under this white cabana, people were drinking and dancing and swimming, you decided to go get yourself a drink, you went to the refreshments table and as you poured yourself a drink you felt someone's toned body against your back and he whispered in a low raspy voice into your ear "what's your name beautiful?" this startled you a bit, when you turned around you saw Justin shirtless with a chain around his neck, and shades on,

you gulped at the sight of him, you couldn't believe Justin Bieber was standing right there and the fact that he asked for your name "I-I my name is Y/N" you finally let out, he chuckled. "Would you care to dance with me Y/N?" He asked, you were speechless and all you did was nod as he took your drink from your hand and set it on the table, he then took your hand and led you onto the dance floor, he spun you around as you giggled, you then had your back to him and you felt his toned body as you both danced to the music, you felt his hands on your tummy then moved down to your thighs where it stayed, he then whispered into your ear, "you're beautiful" before kissing your shoulder and making his way to your neck, you closed your eyes, you felt his sweat drop onto your neck, when the song was over, he took your hand and began to pull you away from the crowd,

"Justin where are you taking me?" "just somewhere we could be alone baby" he finally took you out from the cabana, he took you where it was away from the party and the view overlooked the sunset, "this is beautiful" you said as Justin stood next to you with his arm around your waist, "not as beautiful as you" he said, you giggled, "oh please Justin I'm not beautiful" "you are to me" he said you then turned to face him, "here I'm gonna take these off of you bc I want to see your eyes" you slowly took off his shades, you were now staring into his beautiful brown eyes, you then put them on "how do I look?" You asked him he laughed "you look aight, now can I have them back." He said as he began reaching for the shades, but you backed away,

"aight, I thought you said I was beautiful" you smirked. he had this huge grin on his face, "you don't want to start this" "start what" as you took more steps back, he then leaped at you but you began running away from him as he chased you, he then caught you and tackled you to the ground, he took the shades off of you, he was now hovering over you, "did u really think you could get away from me?" He said against your lips, you started laughing, he then leaned in and kissed you, you wrapped your arms around his neck and tugged at the ends of his hair you felt his tongue slip into your mouth, as your lips moved in sync, he then pulled away leaving you breathless...

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