Playing Truth Or Dare

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You,Alfredo,Jaden and Justin played truth or dare.

Now,think,you were the only girl there compared to three guys.

You went first.

"Ummm....Fredo,Truth or dare?"I asked.


"I dare you to Twerk on Jaden"I said smiling.

"Ummm...No...I don't roll that way"Jaden said as Fredo came towards him.

"It's a dare Jaden"You said.

"Fine"He stood up and Fredo started twerking for Justin.

"This feels so wrong...."Jaden said.

Then Fredo stopped and you notice a budge in Jaden's pants.

"Ummm...You gotta problem?"Justin said.

"JADENN GOT A BONER FROM FREDO"Chaz yelled and Jaden ran in the bathroom.

"Y/n,Truth or Dare?"Fredo said.

"Dare"You said ready for anything.

"I dare you to let Justin grind on you"Fredo said.

You sat on a chair and Justin walked towards you and Fredo started playing Strip by Chris Brown and Justin started grinding his front all over your front making you wet.

You always had a crush on Justin but you never told him.

You look up and Justin pressed his lips on yours while still grinding on your front and you slightly moan.

You break the kiss and Fredo ends the song.

"Well,that was too far"Fredo said laughing.

Jaden came out the bathroom.

"Are you done now?"Fredo said to Jaden.

"Ummm.....Jaden,truth or dare?'Justin said.

"Are you gay for Fredo?"He said.

Jaden's eyes widened and he grunted.

"Mhmbmbmbmbm"Jaden mumbled.

"Huh?"Justin said.

"Yes.I've liked Fredo for a while"He said holding his head down.

"Well,Fredo is gay too..."Justin said.

"Lets get it on!"Fredo said taking Jaden upstairs.


"How about we do that too and it won't be so Eewww?"Justin said wiggling his eyebrows and smiling big.

"Ummmm....Maybe"You said kissing him.

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