Alfredo Kissed You!?!

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You were backstage waiting on Justin cause you wanted to surprise him.

You see Alfredo,you always loved him but you were with Justin.Yeah,Alfredo was cute but his eyes weren't like Justin's,And yeah his voice is cute but His manhood wasn't like JERRY(:

He liked you too cause he told you before you and Justin were dating.

He walked towards you and hugged you.

"He smells so good"You thought.

"Thanks"He said.

"You heard that?"You said breaking from the hug.

He nodded his head and you blushed.

"You look cute when you blush"He said smiling.

"Fredo,don't do that."You said.

"Do what?"He said starting to stroke your face with his thumb.

"That.And telling me I'm cute,We both like each other yeah,but Im in love with Justin and I will always love him,I love you too but I love Justin more"You said to Alfredo.

He frowned and moved closer.

"What are you doing?"you said

He cupped your chin and kissed you and Justin came in.You tried to even push Fredo off you and Justin saw you before he kissed you.

"She's mine Fredo.Why the hell would you do that?"Justin said madly and pushed him off of you.

"I love her Justin and she said she loved me"He said.

"As a friend,I love Justin more and you know that"You yelled at Alfredo.

He hung his head low and stared at his feet.

Justin looked at you and hugged you.

"I love you Y/n"He whispered.

You saw Alfredo leave and cry and went on the tour bus.

Then Justin snuggled his face in your neck and started to dig his face there,making you laugh and then he smiled.Which caused you to smile.

"When you smile,I smile"He sung to you.

But they forgot to turn the mic off and he still had it on and the fans were screaming and he ran on stage.

And he finished the song shirtless and he told the theater to give each fan a pic of his abs and his girlfriend perfume

His fans screamed and he got off stage.

You stared at his muscles.

"Like what you see?"He said bitting his lip.

"Yes I do"You bit your lip.

"You want it now or later?"He said smiling.

He took you to the dressing room and you had some of Jerry.




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