I'll Meet Them In Heaven

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Over The Edge

"Alright Amiah push!" Jason command. As you grip his hand. This pain was unbearable. But you continued to push.

You were laying on Jason's chest on the coach. Jason's inter emotions masked by a outer facade. On the outside relaxed a melancholy smile, while in the realms of his soul, screamed for help and happiness.

"Come on Baby, the baby is also here. She's almost here." Jason said trying to reassure and motivate you to keep pushing. The doctor chimed in "Just a few more pushes, you can do it Amiah.". That's just what you did. Pushed.

You wanted to cry. But there were no more tears to shed. No more hope to spring up, just a forever depression. No beam of light could seep through, the darkness that laid deep into your soul.

"Okay just one more push!" The doctor exclaimed. As you squeezed Jason hand, you inhaled deeply, and with last ounce of energy you had left you pushed. "Oh no.", you heard the doctor whisper. Something was wrong, every new born cried. Yours didn't. The doctor took your baby and Jason the room. The next heard was Jason screaming no, over and over again. What happened?

"Ma'm we're sorry." the doctor give a frown. As if it was his own child. "Sorry what happen? Where's my daughter? Jason what's going on?" You heart was bounding out of your chest, you breath became frantic, Jason was too busy wailing in the corner.

"Ma'm while you were giving birth, the umbilical cord managed to tangle it's way around the baby's neck. I'm sorry ma'm, your baby choked to death.". No, this couldn't be happening, the room began to spin. You had already suffered two miscarriages and now one still-born.

"Ma'm look we are very sorry but-". The doctor tried giving his condolences. "NOO! I did everything right! I didn't stress, I ate right, I TOOK ALL THOSE FUCKING VITAMINS AND PRENATAL CLASSES! I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT THIS TIME! Why? Why? WHY? What's wrong with me? Why can't I be a mommy?" You cried, seeking a answer no one could give you.

"She would have been beautiful." Jason whispered. You quickly sat up.

"I'm going to the store you want something?" You asked, putting on your coat. Avoiding to think about what could have been.

"You can't pretend, that we didn't have a daughter AMIAH!" And the argument begins....

"We HAD a daughter! We HAD a son! Than we HAD another daughter! But they're gone! Matter fact they never really were here! We still have a fucking nursery that we haven't got to use! And you walk around here likes everything is going to be okay once we have a baby. IT'S NOT, JASON! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD-"

"Don't you dare even start that sentence," Jason eyes got dark, his tone sinister.

"You know what Amiah, forget it. Just bring me back a tea." Jason exhaled, as he flopped back onto the couch, closing his eyes.

"Fine." You respond, as you slammed the front door.

Jason hated that things had come to this. But with you giving up hope, and him trying to find his, he just became exhausted. He was tired of living like this. He need a Tylenol...

You arrived home around three hours later, it was at least around 11:30 at night. You noticed everything was quiet. You figure Jason was just sleep. You had the made your way to the bathroom to prepare, but when you open the door you saw a motionless Jason sprawled out on the middle of the floor with a empty bottled of Tylenol beside him.

"OH MY GOD JASON" You immediately feel to your knees to check for a pulse. You hoped to feel one, but there wasn't one. For the fourth time you hoped for nothing. You pulled out your cell phone and dialed 911.

"Hello 911 emergency, operator how may I help-"

"My husband overdosed on Tylenol ! Help me!"

"Ma'm calm down, does he have a pulse?"

"NO! He's fucking dead! Help me"

"Alright ma'm, where are y-"

"1245 Kelsey Lane! Help me please!" You cried over the phone, as you hung it up. You wrapped Jason's lifeless body in your arms. You were bawling your eyes out. The one thing you were holding on to in life was now gone.

"Oh god Jason why!" You slowly sniffed, as you finally open your eyes, you noticed a fold piece of paper. You opened it.

Dear, Amiah

I know you probably hate me right now. But not as much I hated leaving you alone like this. But I just couldn't take it anymore. I know this sounds selfish, I know it is selfish. But this depression pushed me over the edge. I don't want you beat yourself over our argument earlier I forgive you and I know you love me and I love you too. And please don't follow in my footsteps. I want you to go on and start a actual family. And if make it to heaven I promise to tell you how beautiful our children are...

Love, Jason

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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But HEYYYY Brooksies

It's about Selena..
I'm a Belieber 100% but I still loved it..





IM UPDATING soon.....


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Cause Girl I gotta secret place where we can go.Cause I really wanna be alone.And Baby nobody has gotta know.Just meet me up all alone.Dont tell me your my heartbreaker..Cause Girl my heart's breaking..

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