For Bibi <33

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Justin was taking you out to dinner. You guys lived together, and you were both happy to stay in most nights, but tonight Justin felt like going out. Knowing there would be hundreds of photos taken of you, you carefully did your hair and while you were finishing your makeup Justin walked in and sat on the counter, picking up your makeup bag. "babe, can you hand me my eyeliner?" you ask him. He sits,digging. He picks out a package. "Y/N is this your birth control?" You lean over and grab your eyeliner out of the bag. "yeah, why?" you say, dragging your eyeliner perfectly along your lashline. he hums for a bit, then replies. "Y/N, I think that we should start a family soon" he says then hops off the counter and gives himself once last lookover, heading back out into the bedroom. Words don't come to mind. You stare yourself down through the mirror. Did I just hear him right? Did he say we should start a family? Where did that come from? you apply mascara and walk out of the bathroom. He's laying on the made bed, typing away on his iPhone. "Justin, how can you say that so calmly?" He just shruggs. You had been married to Justin for 6 years and he never said anything without thinking it through. "Justin, what did you mean when you said we should start a family?" you tried not to smile. Every time you and Justin discussed kids, you both decided you were both too busy with work to commit to another human being. You had secretly been disappointed every single time. You had agreed, but you were disappointed. Maybe your time was coming. You could be a mommy.Justin put down his phone and pulled you into his lap. "I was online and I found an article saying that your- I mean- a woman's fertility starts to decrease after a certain age. It also said being on the pill can contribute to infertility. So, I did a bit more research and both of those statements are true. Which made me think, I want a little Bieber someday, and well, what time is better than now? we are both pretty secure in our jobs, and we have a lot of time for ourselves. what do you think, you look worried" You counted to three in your head, when the time was up, you told yourself, you can tell him. One, Two, "Justin, I've never wanted anything more in my whole life. I want to be a mom, and I want you to be my baby's dad, and yes, yes yes!" Justin picked you up and spins you around and kisses you. Then he lays you down on your bed and lays kisses you hungrily. "Baby, my makeup" He drags his thumb along the corner of your mouth, wiping off smudged lipstick. "Alright, but when dinner is over, you're all mine, yeah?"

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