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You were lying on bed, crying. You and your boyfriend, Justin just broke up. You love him so much but you just don't seem to see him exerting effort for your relationship to work. In short, he doesn't even seem to care.

You were just so pissed that he doesn't even manage some time to see his girlfriend, which was you! He was busy with tour and you understood that. But when he's home, here in Canada, he just goes out with his friends, goes for a little drink and goes shopping with the boys and their girlfriends without even inviting you.

It's been an hour since you broke up with him and he was really hurt when you told him you can't handle it anymore.

He said that he can try to work everything out but you just said no because you were so hurt. You hear the doorbell, you got up and put on your slippers. You opened the door hoping it was your best friend, but there stood a red eyed, actually red faced Justin begging for you to come back to him. You were red too, but he was redder. He was as red as a tomato. You come up to him and hugged him.

"Justin.. Baby." You say crying. "I told you I couldn't live without you! I can't even last an hour without you!" He said crying more. You two went inside and watched a Romantic-Comedy. You cuddle all night and fell asleep in each others' arms. And after that day, Justin always put you first before his friends.

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