Sex Positions♥

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Justin's favorite position is doggy style so that he can really take control and be dominant. He also loves the wonderful view of your ass in the air.

Fredo's favorite position in cowgirl. He loves it when your on top of him so he can watch your breasts bounce. A lot of times when your on top you will lean over so he can suck on your breasts and kiss you while you bounce.

Chaz in a very simple guy and that includes your sex life. His favorite position in missionary. He likes it because it allows him to thrust deep but he can also watch your face and kiss you.

Ryan's favorite position is 69. He is a HUGE fan of oral sex and so this position is a perfect fit, for both of you ;).

Jaden is very creative in the bedroom and so you guys have tried a lot of different positions but his favorite is a twist on cowgirl. He likes to prop himself up with his arms behind him while you ride him, he loves this position because it allows him to see and feel everything that's going on.

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