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The van stops, Justin kisses you and scoops you up once at the door he puts you down people are in the house again he gets frustrated "I told them to leave" he orders you to go up stairs quietly, on your way up you hear Justin "come on guys I want a night alone get out" you try and hurry up you want to put on nice lingerie before Justin walks in. You lay on the bed waiting for Justin, he walks in "baby," his jaw drops "oh my GOD" he closes the door "your quick" he mumbles "is everyone gone" you ask he nods. Justin takes off his shirt you get up "let me" lifting the wife beater slowly sending chills through his body revealing goose bumps everywhere. Justin aggressively picks you up kissing you roughly not letting you take a breath, slams you down on the bed keeping your legs around him and going with the flow you start to grind. Justin moans breaking the kiss, giving you time to inhale deep.

Your nervousness disappeared buts Justin slows things down touching your body sending your body in chills "I want you to feeling everything" he speaks into your neck "every little touch" giving you goose bumps still grinding as he lays on top of you. You moan as he kisses and licks your neck, slowly moving down slickly unhitching your bra exposing your breast he throws the bra out of the way "Mmmm" he moans licking your nipple twirling his tongue around it. Giving both the same attention of not licking one the other gets massaged perfectly. Sliding down licking all the way down to the start of your underwear you cant help but flinch Justin smiles staying close to your skin he lifts his head a bit giving you the perfect moment to flip him. You take a deep breath sitting on his jerry you wine moving your waist Justin flinches you slow down, leaning in to kiss him, tongues twirling you break the wet kiss to kiss his body his chest, down to his abs rubbing them with you hands as you head back to his mouth for more kisses.

You move down to unzip his pants not breaking the kiss you pull out his erection you begin to slowly and gently stroke it Justin moans in your mouth. Slowly kissing down to his erection you kiss the tip Justin moans again. Wetting your lips you slide it into your wide-open mouth keeping one hand stocking while you suck away. After minutes of sucking Justin stops you flipping you to take control he slips off your underwear he multitasks and he opens a condom he rubs your wet clit. Licking his hand as he adds more wet to your already dripping self he leans in to kiss you "you okay?" he ask you nod and smile, again he licks his hand and rubs the tip of his erection. Slowly just placing the tip on you teasing like rubbing it around to spread the wetness he enters slowly, it's a tight squeeze. Justin moans and he pushes all the way in as do you.

Slowly thrusting kissing you to make you feel comfortable. Moving faster as Justin picks up speed not to much so that its painful but good enough to moan, the look on his face changes he's about to reach a climax he rubs you as he thrusts faster you close your eyes as you approach a climax of yourself you tighten as you hit your high and Justin falls on you and clinches the blanket under you. "OH MY GOD" he says he pulls out and cleans up when he turns you see marks on his back from your nails when you climaxed you must of scratched him you lay back and Justin lays down next to you still both naked. He leans over to kiss you and pulls the blanket over both of your sweaty bodies. Looking up at the celling you wonder.

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