Dedication To You Beliebers.!!

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OMF I wanna say,For the people who shared,voted,fan,Requested and read,I fucking love you all!

You guys got me over 500k reads.
Even though you didnt get me 3,000votes on the imagines..I can still see BELIEVE 3D
I wanna dedicate a christmas imagine on christmas for all of you girls.
So look out Christmas Day ♥

Thank You Beliebers.

And wattpad says I cant have over 200 chapters but we're sitting at 268 chapters.!
but I might have to make a second book of imagines of Justin Bieber so look out for that soon.

And I do have another account that is gonna be given away.
1.First person calls dibs
So comment and inbox as quick as you can!!

Good Luck Guys.!


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