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You and Justin were perfect together....

You were sitting at home waiting on Justin so y'all can go to the carnival.You flipped thru the channels on the TV and something catched your eye.

"Is Justin Bieber cheating on(@McCannsbiotch) for Selena Gomez?"The man said.You paused the screen for Justin to see because You were so pissed.

Justin walks through the door happily and tried to hug you but you swerved the cause you wanted to punch him."When the hell did this happen?"You said angry at Justin.

"It was a one night thing.."He mumbled.

Oh hold the mother chucker fudge up!

Beep beep halt bitches...One night thing...

You slapped on his cheek,hard that your hand mark was there.

"What was that for?" He said holding his cheek.

"What is it about her huh?I know her pussy isn't fresher than your shoes and I know for sure that my heels are higher than her standards so Justin tell me what you see in her?"You said then slapping his head.He raised his fist but you there bravely but you knew he wasn't gonna hit you.

His momma taught him well.

"It's not like that"He said."It fucking looks like it"You said angry.

"You know what!Fuck this!Fuck You!Fuck Selena!Fuck everybody!We are over"He said heading out the door.

"Oh yes Justin,I think Selena would love a fucking threesome with me and you!"You said yelling at him and slamming the door shut an you realize..

He is gone forever...



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