Short Imagines

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*Your Listening to Best Friends by the Janoskians*

"Best friends,you are my fucking best friends"You say dancing around.

"No,Your my fucking girlfriend"Justin said smiling and kissing your cheek.

"Babe,I'm diabetic.."Justin said.

"Oh babe.Im so sorry"You said.

"The doctor said Im around things sweet like you"He said smiling.

"I wanna teddy bear"You told Justin.

"I will be your teddy bear"Alfredo said holding out his big arms.

*You hug him*

"I thought I was your teddy bear.."Justin said pouting out his lip.

*You kiss him*

"You will when you buy me the teddy bear"You said taking Fredo's arm

(I love his arms...Fredo is sexy)

"Oh Justin don't stop"Jeremy said.

"Oh Y/n,your so tight"Fredo said.

"Oh Dad,You should know that's what Mom sounded like and Fredo,Its called pleasure,Something you haven't giving to Jasmine"He said smiling.

(read Someday.. To understand who Jasmine is)

*He leaves for tour*

"Don't love any other girl"You said.

"I will babe afterwards,you will meet her."He said smiling.

*You cry as he said it*

"She's gonna call you mama"He said kissing your tears away.

Just random.Request?

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