Your Not Okay...

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Y/n sat on the ground, her back pressed against her bed. She had been sitting there, making a bracelet, trying to calm her thoughts. But they wouldn't stop jumping around in her head. For almost the eleventh time on the bracelet, a bead slipped through the string, bouncing across the carpet. "God dammit!" She sighed, grabbing the bead. She rolled it around in her fingers, staring at the little, green bead. She stared at it for a long time, as air became heavier and stickier. The room seemed to small suddenly, and Y/n grabbed her jacket, slipping on her moccasins as she stepped out the door, into cool January air. She crossed the street her hands in her pockets. Cool air hit her nose and face, making her cheeks and nose go a little pink. Her jacket clearly was too thin for the weather, and she shivered as she reached the playground only three blocks or so away. Y/n slid onto a swing, slowly pushing herself back and fourth. She hummed a little tune, as she watched the tree branches wave from the wind. She barley even noticed she was crying, much less the person sitting next to her. "Hi. Are you alright?" The person said, the chain of the swing squeaking. Y/n shook her head yeah, and wiped some tears off of her eyelash. She turned her head to her right, to see who the person was. Her eyes almost fell out at who it was-The famous Justin Bieber. She shook more. "Ju-Ju- Is.. J-Justin? Bieber?" She barely got out. She was ecstatic that Justin was sitting right next to her, but she was still suffering. Justin could easily tell. He looked into her y/c/ eyes, and Y/n stared right back into his amber ones. "Are you alright?" He asked the second time. Y/n nodded, smoothly lying to the famous stranger. "Yeah, fine." She nodded again. Justin exhaled, he knew she was lying. "No you're not.." He sat, taking her hand. Y/n felt a buzz run through her body. She slowly nodded, agreeing with Justin. "You're right.. I'm not." She said. Justin looked back into her beautiful eyes. "Whats wrong, love?" He sat there, and listened to Y/n. He watched the way her lips moved with the way she talked, and the way the wind blew her hair around her face perfectly. Y/n spilled everything that was bugging her, and finished looking at Justin. He was staring right at her, and Y/n was shocked that he was still listening. "I-I'm sorry.." She said, another tear falling out of her eye. Justin grabbed her hand, and pulled her onto his lap. "Shh, its fine love." Y/n shook, she was afraid that she would break Justin's legs in half. She started to stand up, but Justin easily pulled her back down. "I'm going to break you in half, you know.." She sniffled. Justin laughed, as if it was a joke. "How so? You weigh like, two pounds." And for once, Y/n believed it. Y/n sat there with Justin, just talking. It was amazing, and suddenly Y/n didn't care about anything that was wrong before. She smiled down at him, and Justin's eyes turned nervous. "Aye, erm Y/n, it was so nice meeting you. But I really gotta run, here.." He said pulling her hand in his. "Text me, I'll be in Y/S/N for two weeks." He smiled, and walked away. Y/n stood dumbfounded. Justin Bieber gave her his number. She sat on the swing, and smiled. A real, happy smile.

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