Prom Night..

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You and Justin are at prom. Everyone's on the dancefloor and all the girls are staring at you two out of jealousy. Justin is behind you and the DJ is playing the hottest music. You're feeling so sexy while you're grinding on his dick. Justin has his hands on your thighs and runs them up and down you while you grind all over him. He breathes on your neck. He kisses your neck and you two are laughing & having the time of your life. All the girls are dancing with their less-hot dates. After hours of dancing, you and Justin get really warm. He whispers in your ear, "Let's get out of here babe." Without hesitation, he turns you towards him, kisses you softly on the lips, grabs your hand, and walks out of the venue. You ask, "Justin! Where are we going?" He says, "Everyone's leaving soon anyways, lets go have some fun." ;) He finds his car and holds the door open for you, and kisses you before he shuts it. He gets in the drivers seat. He's driving with one hand and the other hand caressing your thigh. He has the music on and you lean over to kiss on his neck. He takes his tie off and wraps it around your eyes and says, "You can't know where we're going!" You sit back anxiously. The car turns off and your door opens. Justin helps you out, you start walking. You feel a breeze and he wraps his arms around you. You start to feel sand get into your heels & you smell the salty air. You totally know where you are and you're getting turned on. Justin stops you & unties your blindfold. You open your eyes to see a blanket all laid out with rose petals and candles everywhere.

Justin walks up to you and kisses you softly, and it turns into a makeout sesh. He takes you down to the blanket. He crawls on his hands and knees on top of you and takes off his jacket. He runs his hands up your gown and under your panties. He lightly strokes you while you unbutton his dress shirt. You take off his shirt and he slides down on you. He rolls up your dress and gets under there and spreads your legs. He runs his tongue from the inside of your thighs all the way up to your wet vag. He stops and looks at you, "Yeah?" You say "YES!" He starts eating you out, flicking his tongue on your clit and sucking and licking your vag all over. You're getting so wet. He stops and sits you upright and undoes your dress zipper with his teeth. Then kisses your neck and gives you hickies. You undo his pants and he takes them off. His shoes are off. He snaps off your bra and your there naked with nothing but heels on. Justin crawls on top of you again & sucks your nipples while fingering you hard. You feel his dick getting hard through his boxers. You reach down and start stroking his cock. It's so big and hard. It's his turn ;) You whip him around and kiss him from his lips all the way down to his big dick and put it in your mouth. You bob up and down while he guides your head with his hands. He throws his head back, breathes heavily, and moans quietly.

He pulls your hair back and picks you up and sits you on his dick. You ride him slowly as you take his full cock in your vag. He has his hands on your hips and pulls you up and down on his dick and you moan as you feel every inch of him inside you. He starts thrusting back going even deeper into you & matches your rhythm. You're so wet. His dick feels so good sliding into you. It feels amazing but you want it to last longer. So you switch positions. Justin throws you down and goes down on you again. You can't wait anymore. He spreads your legs and puts his jacket under your lower back so he can get a better angle. He slides himself back into your wet vag. He gets even deeper than last time and you moan with every thrust. The waves are crashing in the background and you feel the sea mist on your bodies. Justin kisses you hard on the lips and you are both breathing so heavily. He's fucking you hard and slow. You claw into his back. He's pounding into you and you scream, "Fuck yess! Ughhhhh Juuusttinnnn!" He smiles and goes until.... BIEBERGASM. You both just collapse next to each other and he puts his boxers on and puts his coat around you. Then he asks, "Now what?" You look at your phone and all your friends are wondering where you went. They all know SOMETHING happened with you and Justin. He says, "Wanna make an appearance at some of these parties? Maybe you can introduce them to your new boyfriend." ;) You guys carry your stuff back to the car. You get excited cause you're both sweaty, you have sex hair, and hickies all over. You don't even have to say anything cause everyone will know you just had sex with JB ;)

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