For My Babyy Xena♥

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I sighed as Justin kissed my neck .

"Justin" I said , pushing him away from me lightly

"What's wrong baby?" Justin asked , grabbing my hands

Justin had this way with me where I wanted to pounce on him with even the slightest touch , and I didn't want to seem like a horn dog

"Nothing , I just don't want to okay?" I asked , looking up at him

He nodded , respecting my decision

I smiled gratefully , continuing to flatten my skirt .

It was really pretty and I was dying to put it on .

"Want to go to the movies?" I asked , looking at Justin hopefully

"Sure . What do you want to see?" Justin asked . Looking at me

I thought for a moment ." Grown Ups 2?" I said , nodding with my decision .

"Alright , we'll leave at 9" Justin said ,smiling as I nodded .

I UN locked my phone , looking at the time . "8:15" I read

Enough time to shower .

I  went to the bathroom , hopping in the shower and washing my hair. I conditioned it , then washed my body .

Half an hour later I came out , letting my hair air dry into its natural waves and slipping on my outfit.

I went to my mirror , applying little makeup .

I put on some mascara , eyeliner and light eyeshadow .

I put on my favorite lip gloss , puckering my lips .

I got up and I nearly passed out right then and there.

Justin was standing there , slipping his sunglasses on .

I took the time to check him out , noticing he had on the sexiest outfit ever .

Justin's outfit :

I cleared my throat , looking away before he noticed how I was practically ripping his clothes off with my eyes .

"Okay let's go" I said , turning and walking out the door .

Justin and I got in his car , driving to the theatre .

It was late , so there weren't that many people , but it was still crowded.

Justin bought our tickets , and our snacks .

We went into the movie theatre , silently finding seats in the back so Justin wouldn't be recognized .

It was the middle of the movie, and I was laughing my butt off .

My laughing immediately stopped when I felt Justin's hand slid up my skirt.

I looked at Justin , whose eyes were on the screen.

I cleared my throat , focusing on the movie again.

I lightly gasped as Justin's hand reached my underwear , his large hand resting on the front of my heat .

I glared at Justin , but the lust was clear in my eyes as he looked back at me , smirking .

"Justin stop" I scolded , trying to remove his hand from under my skirt , but he wasn't having that.

" Are you sure Xena ?" Justin asked , slipping his hand in my underwear.

I lightly moaned as he softly put pressure against my now burning core.

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