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Short Imagine:

You & Justin been friends for awhile and he tries to ask you out.

You and Him are sitting on his bed chatting and he asks you a question!
"Can I ask you a question Y/n?"He sad running his fingers through his lovely hair.
You were nervous,you like him too but you didn't know what he was gonna say.
"There's a girl.....and....I really like her."He started off.

Disappointed!You thought he was talking about you.
"And?"You said urging him to go on.
"Well,I think she likes me,she has beautiful hair and eyes,personality and her ass is just.....Can't even explain."He started laughing.
You smirked and kept going.
"Ask her out."
"But I don't know how to."He said looking nervous.

Gah he looked so cute!
"Well,like this,Will you go out with me?"He said staring into your eyes.
"She will love it.Now go tell her."You said shooing him out the door.
"I already asked her."He said smiling.
You froze.He was talking about you.You look back at your bum,'maybe I go have a butt?'you thought!
"Yes!"You said hugging him.
He sighed in relief and he stared into your eyes.
He leaned in and the door opened and Louis Tomlinson was there.

"What the hell?"

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