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The Lady and the Tramp

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So if you haven't heard Twerk...and your a Belieber...you have no life and you are a bad Belieber...



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You and Justin were upstairs in bed on twitter and laughing at what some followers said..

Justin:Im hungry..

Iva:I'll cook babe..wait here..

You went downstairs and cooked spaghetti and meatballs and put it on a huge plate and come upstairs.
He asked you to feed him.

Iva:Only once this time..You lazy ass

He smirked and sat up and you handed him a fork and fed him.
Then he had a idea.
Justin:Lets be like the lady and tramp
(Ya know the part where they share a long noodle..yeah that part)

You found a long noodle and you both took a end and he leans in and his lips met yours.
He softly bites your lip to break the noodle and he pulls away.

Justin:That was great babe*smiles*

Then later,you two played Twerk by Justin(of course) and you two twerked...

Joined by Fredo of course..😂🎶


Crappy.Sucky.I hated it..Ive tried..

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