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Never Let You Go

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Listening to Never Let You Go and it inspired me...It's sad though....I know a friend would did this...



You aren't aloud to date any boy but you're madly in love with a boy you've known for a long time but he doesn't know you, his name is Justin, Justin Bieber. (not famous btw) All the girls in your school crush on him, all the boys want to be with him. But he has a crush on your best girl friend, even though she wants nothing to do with him; (So to say) You barely talk to Justin, and he's in most of your classes,. But your friend told you to talk to him, and ask him to hang out. And you agreed you'd do it today. She even helped you write a love letter to him. You had that ready, you were going to tell him how you felt. You were nervous to tell him how much you felt about him, but you were ready.

You were walking to school, you're best friend told you that she'd tell him to meet you where you want him to meet to tell him,. As you turned the corner, you saw something you'd never thought you see, you're heart broke. You saw Justin and Your Best friend kissing (Betcha didnt see that one coming... SIKE). "I-i..." You were speechless. "(Friends Name) How Could you?!" You said, "(Your Name) Im sorry, I just; I couldnt help it." She said, "He doesnt even like you (Your name). tears fell down your eyes. You cried and you threw the note at her, "Forget everything I said..." You told her, and left..

The next day, Rumors spread that you're "Best friend" and Justin were going out. And it wasn't a rumor it was for real.

Each and everyday that passed they grew more and more closer, and you couldnt bear it anymore, it broke you and your heart to pieces, you'd rather die than see them together, it broke your heart that much you wanted to kill yourself, and that you did... You wrote a suicide note...

Then the night you hung yourself,.

Justin's POV:

Me and (Best Friends Name) were making out on the couch,. when there was a knock on the door,. I sighed and answered it, it was the police... "May I help you sir?" I asked, "Yes, you know the girl (Your Full Name), Killed herself, but wrote this suicide note to you." He said, I looked at him in shock, I took the note he had sticking out, and opened it, It read.;

Dear Justin,

If you ever get this note, this is just something I've always wanted to say, but never had the guts too, but I love you so much, so much it hurts, so much that everyday seeing you just brings a smile to my face, brings joy into my life, knowing that I even get to see you is a blessing. You meant everything to me, you were my world. Seeing you with my best friend who wanted nothing to do with you, when I did, broke me.. And every time seeing you with her for a whole year, just made me feel, I wasnt even worth it. I just wanted to tell you,. I loved you, and the note I threw at my 'friend' is my love letter for you.."

By the time you read this,

I am not living right now.

But I do Love you.


(Your Name)

I pulled out the letter, that day she gave me from a year ago, in my room. I never got to read it, I thought I threw it away, but I guess not,.

I opened it and read,

Hey Justin,

Its (your full name) here, just wanted to tell you something I haven't had the guts to tell you, for about 3 years. But I like you,. thats something I couldve easily told you but I dont like you,. I Love You

I love you Justin


(your full name) :))

My eyes started trembling with tears, how could I have missed this,. (YN) loved me, and I was too blind to see this,. too blind to see that she only liked me for my personality, not my cuteness or anything else,. I shouldve been there for us, I shouldve talked to her more, I shouldve loved her,. But now its too late and there's nothing i could do about it... I just cried.

I hope some day we'll meet again in heaven and I'll show my love to you too.

R.i.p (YFN)

I love you too,



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