For Anna

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For Anna

‘’I’m home!’’ I yelled as I stepped in the house that I was currently sharing with my boyfriend, Justin. I put my keys on the table and threw my purse on the couch. My eyebrows furrowed together when I didn’t get a reply. Justin told me he had a day off today so technically, he should be home too.

‘’Justin?’’ I called out but still no response. I sighed and dragged my butt in the kitchen. I jumped in surprise when I saw Justin sitting at the table drinking silently a glass of water. If he was there, why didn’t he reply?

He didn’t even look at me, he just stared at the wall, completely ignoring my presence.

‘’Hey baby…’’ I said softly and walked closer to him. As soon as I approached him, he got up and put his empty glass of water in the sink. He remained quiet with his back facing him. Worry grew in me when I put my hand on his shoulder but he only pushed me off in response.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ I snapped annoyed by the way he was acting. I didn’t do anything wrong, everything was fine this morning and the days before, I just don’t understand why he’s being so cold to me.

‘’Are you seriously asking this?’’ He questioned with a fake chuckle at the end. I frowned and put my hands on my hips ‘’You thought I wouldn’t find out, didn’t you?’’

‘’W-What do you mean?’’ I stuttered nervously. I knew exactly what he meant. I just thought that I’d be the one to tell him…

‘’Don’t play dumb with me Y/N’’ He scoffed and finally faced me, his arms crossed over his chest ‘’Why didn’t you tell me?’’

‘’T-Tell you what?’’

‘’That you’re pregnant!’’ He yelled angrily ‘’I found the pregnancy test in the bathroom so don’t you dare lying to me!’’

I know I should have told him but I just couldn’t. This isn’t a good time to have a baby for both of us so when I found out that I was pregnant I just freaked out and kept the secret to myself and waited until I was ready to tell him but this day never came…

‘’I-I’m sorry Justin I—‘’

‘’What’s your excuse for this one?’’ He cut me off and glared at me ‘’Huh?’’

‘’I wasn’t ready to tell you Justin’’ I admitted, feeling the tears forming in my eyes ‘’We’re both busy with work and I-I mean, look at us Justin, we’re still young! And it’s not like we were trying to have a child! It’s just so unexpected and—‘’

‘’Shh it’s okay Y/N’’ He engulfed me in his arms as I let the tears pour down my red cheeks ‘’No need to cry’’

‘’I-I know but I’m just scared! What if I’m not—‘’

‘’You’re gonna be an amazing mom Y/N’’ He whispered in my ear and gently kissed my hair. I melted in his arms and nodded my head.

‘’T-Thank you…’’ I managed to say through my sobs and buried my face in his chest. Justin rocked me back in forth in his arms and waited till my tears stop to fall but they never did.

‘’Baby why are you crying? I’m sorry for yelling at you, I was just shocked but now I’m telling you, everything’s gonna be alright…’’

‘’Hormones’’ I mumbled as he chuckled and tightened his grip around me. He then cupped my face in his hands and pecked my lips.

‘’I love you’’ He bent down and kissed my stomach ‘’And I love you too buddy’’ I giggled at his cuteness and wiped the tears under my eyes ‘’Both of you…’’ He whispered and stared into my eyes.

‘’We love you too’’ I whispered back and crashed my lips into his. We both smiled through the kiss, happy that we were going to be a family and knowing that everything will be alright, as long as we're together.

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