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I was in the kitchen making breakfast for Justin and I, on this beautiful Saturday morning. I finished the waffles and put them on the plates next to the fresh fruit that I cut. I heard Justin walk into the kitchen. “Good morning love” Justin said hugging me from behind. I smiled. I turned around and handed Justin his plate “Here you go babe” I told him. “I don’t know what I would do without you (Y/N)” justin said kissing my cheek, then walking over to the dining table. I followed his actions and sat down on the table, too. “So what do you want to do today?” I asked cutting my waffle. “We could go on a walk or something” Justin suggests drinking some water. I nod. “Yeah that sounds good” I say putting some waffle in my mouth. Soon we finished eating and then we cleaned up. We then headed off to our room to get ready. I picked out an outfit and so did justin. I am wearing a floral high-low dress with some tan gladiators. Justin had on a grey shirt with his skinny jeans and some white supras. I went into the bathroom and put on some mascara with some pink lipstick and I put my hair into a fishtail braid. I walked into the living room to find Justin ready. He smiled and walked over to me. Justin kissed me and we went outside and started our walk. We were walking hand-in-hand in some random park when I saw a little girl, around 3 years old, looking lost. I let go of Justin’s hand and he looked at me confused, but I just ran over to the little girl and asked her what’s wrong.

“I wost my mummy!” she cried. I frowned and pulled her into a hug. “Shhhh, its ok we’ll find her” I cooed to her. Justin came over to me and asked me what’s wrong. “She lost her mommy” I told him. He frowned then crouched down to her height and tried to cheer her up. “Hey, what’s your name sweetheart?” he asked her. “My wame is Sawa” She sniffled. I giggled at her cute way to pronounce words. “Hey, I am going to pick you up Sara, then we will find your mummy ok?” Justin asked her. She sniffled again and nods.Justin picked her up, then we started to walk around.Justin held onto her with one hand, while he held my hand with his other free hand. We walked over to the nearest bench to sit down and wait for Sara’s mom to come around. We found a bench under a big tree and by this time, Sara fell asleep, so Justin cradled her while she slept. Some older lady came up to us and started to talk to us. “You guys are such a cute family” The old women said. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. I looked over to Justin and his cheeks were red, too. “Oh! You think that were married and that this is our kid, but sorry no, she isn't” I said to her. “Yeah, she got lost so we are waiting for her mum to come and get her” Justin said. I nodded. “Oh my goodness! I am sorry for the confusion, but one day you will make a beautiful married couple” and with that, she left. I looked around at the scenery and I saw this woman calling out someone's name. It clicked in my head that, that must be Sara's mom looking for her. “Justin! That must be Sara’s mom” I told him. I pointed in the direction she was in. "That could be. Let's go and ask" Justin said and we got up and walked over to her. “Um, excuse me, are you looking for Sara?” I asked her. The lady looked a bit worried. "Yes, do you know where she is?" She asked us. I smiled and nodded. "This is her" Justin handed over Sara to her mom. "Sara! Oh my baby! Thank you so much!" She thanked us. We said your welcome, then she left. Justin then intertwined our hands and then kissed me. “You know, that old lady wasn't wrong” He said to me as we continued to walk. I furrowed my eye-brows and stopped walking. “What do you mean” I asked confused. “I mean that we will be a married couple one day. And for that to happen, I intend to keep you and make you my wife and not let any other guys ever take you away from me.” Justin said looking into my eyes. I smiled then he kissed me. I kissed back then pulled away after some time. We put our foreheads together and we both smiled really big. "Catch me if you can!" I said laughing as I ran away from him. I heard "Hey! That's not fair!" I heard Justin shout as he ran after me.


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