Music Video

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Idea I got from Xena..(:

You are making a new music video cause you are a famous singer and had new music..

You had one sexual song so you had shirtless guys in your video but your boyfriend Justin wasn't pleased..

*Sitting in Taco Bell*

"I wanna be in the video"Justin said pouting

"Let me ask my director babe" You said biting in your taco.

"Fine."He said eating his tacos.

You two got up and threw the trash away and left to go to the studio.

You got in the car and Justin started singing B.E.A.T by You

(Not Selena)

"You like?"

"I love this song" He said singing till you reached the studio and went backstage to get ready for the video.

All the clothes were short and since your boyfriend was so protective.. he didn't like it..

"Do I have to wear this?"You asked your dresser.

"Yes and the guys are shirtless.Umm,Sir please take your shirt off, No shirts are allowed in this video"She said walking away.

"Umm..He isn't-Yeah babe*smirks*Take it off.."You said starring as he took his shirt off and flexes in front of you..

"Come on babe" You said..

*You already changed*

The director told you what to do and you got on the stage.

You were singing and dancing and grinding with Justin as the other guys were dancing in the back.

Then at the end, you had to kiss..

He hugged you from behind and kissed you making you kiss back.

Then the music ended but you were still kissing him..

Director:Anddddd CUT!

You ignored him and kept kissing Justin.


You pulled away and Justin smirked.

Justin:We aren't done yet

And with that,he slapped your butt and walked off..


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