For Sam

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For Sam

"No, no, no your wrong darling!" Justin said on our Friday night movie night. Nope I am not Lord of the rings is way better then harry potter!" I challenged.

We were sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter when I commented on how lame that film is. He still insisted it was a fantastic movie series.

All of a sudden his face changed from smiling serious. "Y/n, why are you staring at me? You think I’m hot?" he smirked and I realized I was staring at him. I blushed and scoffed, "Ha! Don’t flatter yourself Bieber" I joked.

He put on a fake pouty face and pursed his lips giving me puppy dog eyes. He knew I liked him even though I tried my best to hide it. We had been friends for a year. He had a concert in my town and I couldn’t go.

I was shopping at American eagle when he ran in. he looked frantically around for a hiding spot and I heard screaming girls approaching. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into a dressing room telling him to stand on the seat so no one could see his feet. He was grateful and took me for a smoothie as the girls left. Ever since then we had been good friends. He even took me touring with him and the team.

He smirked and winked catching me staring at him again. I finally snapped back to reality and smiled looking down slightly embarrassed. "Justin…" I couldn’t think of a good excuse for him. "Don’t worry babe, if it helps I-uh I like you too" he stuttered and I snapped my head up searching his facial expression for any sign that he could be joking.

All I saw was love in his eyes and it made my heart skip a beat. "What, really? Don’t play with me Bieber!" he smiled and leaned in to peck me on the lips. "Really" he whispered his lips ghosting mine. "I love you Y/n" with that he kissed me, short and sweet.

I smiled into the kiss and pulled away. "I love you too Justin." I sat on him straddling him and kissed him. He was taken aback at first but then kissed back and wrapped his arms around my waist gripping my butt. He whispered sweet nothing’s into the kiss. "By bye Bieber" I whispered and got off his lap. "Catch me if you can" I smirked and left his house.

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