Love & War ♥

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Imagine You and Justin married for 2 years and some things aren't what they seem...

Your POV

Justin is cheating on me with Selena,I know it but he won't confess but I know they date because he always calling her when she is down and not me but I will make him confess. I found evidence in his phone and I think him and Selena are secretly talking be-

*gco by Justin entering the room*

"Hey babe."Justin said coming behind you and kissing your neck softly.

You liked it and he knows it but today,you were mad like crazy.

(A/n: and your pregnant and on your period at the same time,don't think it's possible..maybe but anyways...)

"What's wrong babe.?"He said trying to unfold your crossed arms.

"Don't touch me."You said in a cranky tone.

"It's the baby huh.?"He said softly.



"No.."You said heading to the couch.

He followed and sat beside you and darted rubbing your mid size belly.

"Stop touching me."You said.He backed his hands away in surrender.

"What's wrong babe,Your usually happy even with the baby."Justin said stroking your hair,well trying to but you swerved and moved over and sat criss cross in front of Justin.

"Phone."You said in a bossy mood.He stared at you weirdly while you held your hand out.

"What.?"He said cocking his head to the side.

"Phone.Now"You said holding out your hands.He slowly takes the phone out his pocket and hands it to you.

You see a pic of him and Selena hugging at 1D's party.

You went through his messages and see that he put Emoji hearts and smileys beside Selena'a name and not yours.

You decided to text her a message.

Selena:Hey Sel,Back away Justin is married to me not you.I have his baby you don't so sit your crusty butt down and take a seat in the corner of I don't give 2 cents.!(:


A few minutes later,she texted back the worst message you would ever read in your life.

Selena:I am pregnant with his baby,8 months,wonder why I'm so fat,and umm..he's using yo crabby self for fame so have a seat and tell me all about your trick problems.?(:

Salty wet tears formed in the corners of my eyes and Justin recognized.

"Y/n,Im so sor-"He said before you cut him off by calling Selena over to know the truth and beat her tail.

"Hey Sel,I bet you won't say that stuff to my face sl*t"You say in the phone.

She yells other stuff and hangs up.

Selena POV

Y/n thinks he can beat my arse..and not I did meant he with her thirsty petite self.Justin is mine,He wants a girl with curves,not a skinny stick type chick like Y/n..

This trick better watch it because Tricks are for kids..


I feel like this should be a book...but there might either part 2 or part 3 tomorrow or this week/weekend..!(:






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