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Y/n trying to provoke Justin while he is doing a conference call. RACY, read at your own risk but remember that you've been warned. :)


You POV.

"JUSTIN!" a voice yelled.

"You have a conference call in 4 minutes!" Pattie yelled.

"Uhhh..." Justin woke up.

"Do you really have to? I know you'd be rather doing something else." I smirked.

"Yes.. Maybe later." he winked.

I pouted. Later was too long to wait for.

Justin's POV.

I walked in the other room with Xena walking behind me.

Before I knew, Xena slammed me to the bed and smashed her lips onto mine. She opened her mouth and let my tongue wonder with hers. Her hand on my chest, and my hand running through her hair.


I gently pulled away and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I said.

"Is this Justin?" a voice replied.

"Yes, who's this?" I asked.

"Oh, good! My name's Brian from 97.3 on the radio." Brian replied.

"Okay." I said.

"Justin..." Xena said.

"No worries babe, we'll continue later." I whispered with my hand on the phone.

"So, any new things coming up?" Brian asked.

"Well I have a new album coming out on June, so I'm pretty excited about that." I responded.

All of a sudden, a hand started roaming under my shirt while lips started sucking on my neck. I didn't know what was going on for a moment but I realized that it was Xena.

"You know you want to.." Xena whispered in my ear.

"Later.. I- have- to continue- this call.." I mumbled as she kissed my lips. I knew that this call was important so I tried my best to focus on it but wanting to turn back to Xena. She toyed with my shirt while leaving a trail of kisses on my neck. Brian continued to ask random things but I wasn't listening. Her hands dropped to my sweats and touched the big bulge popping out.

"Oh, shit. I can't take this anymore." I slammed the phone shut and threw Xena at the bed, kissing her neck. I pulled her shirt off leaving her with a white bra on. I teased her breasts which left her moaning with a hint of hunger. She arched her back which made it easier for me to unbuckle her bra. "You're such a tease.." I muttered as I kissed her stomach to her shorts.

Xena POV.

I could tell Justin was turned on, and so was I. I wouldn't be able to control myself once I start. Justin took my bra of and played with my breasts. holding my left one, he licked and sucked the other. I took his shirt off while he kept on. He started kissing my stomach to my shorts, which he immediately took off. I was left with my underwear. I slipped he sweats off and started stroking his big bulge which was popping out of his boxers. He held back a moan. He pulled my underwear off and started kissing my thighs.

"Justin.. Don't be such a tease..." I moaned.

I was getting impatient, I grabbed his head by pulling his hair and put his mouth where I wanted it to be.

"Damn Xena,you're so wet." he mumbled. I didn't reply but gave him a loud moan. He surprised me by putting a finger in but moving it slowly. I yelled for him to go faster, then he put a second finger. Third, fourth, and finally, all of his fingers were in. He pushed in and out. The results came to me climaxing. I shuddered and held on to his back.

"Your turn." Justin winked. I ripped his underwear off and took a moment to look at his length. I teased him by stroking it lightly then started licking the top. I heard him groan "Hurry..." I hesitated before putting it inside my mouth, I sucked, licked, and choked on it while it was in my mouth. He rolled us over and he was on top of me.

"You ready?" he asked. Harshly rubbing my clit.

I nodded, giving him a moan.

He slowly put his in my womanhood, at first it was painful, but then, pleasure started to fill the places where it had pain.

Justin thrusted back and forth, still rubbing my clit.

"Oh fuck, Justin. Oh fuck! Fuck me harder! Faster!" I yelled and moaned.

I felt his speed pick up a little, in 2 minutes, we both came. Justin inside me still. We started again until we both got tired, we didn't bother changing positions. Justin, inside me for the whole night.

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