Ooh La La(;

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You're sitting here; all alone, watching the snow fall. That's what I was doing. Sitting on my bed, looking out the window, watching the perfect snowflakes trickle slowly to the ground. I heard my phone vibrate and grabbed it, checking the text. "Come to the ice skating rink???" it said, from my best friend Jessie.

"Haha, sure." I texted back, then set my phone on my night stand. I put on some skinny jeans and a white long sleeved shirt with a light pink peacoat over it. I tied my ankle high snow boots and walked down the stairs, "Mom, I'm going ice skating!" I yelled, and heard my mom respond with an, "Okay!". I walked out the door and got into my car, driving through the snow to the outdoor ice skating rink. I parked and went to go get my ice skates. I got them on, and then went searching for Jessie, but all I had to do was turn my head, she was right there.

"Close your eyes!" she laughed, and I closed my eyes. I felt uneasy on skates, while she lead me somewhere with my eyes closed. I felt us get onto the ice and I opened my eyes, then she quickly put her hand over them. I felt a push, and then Jessie's guiding hand was gone, and I knocked into someone, pushing us both to the ground.

"I-I'm so sorry!" I said, standing up, trying to get my head straight.

"Oh, it's fine." he said, and I saw it was a guy. He was really cute, with light brown hair and matching eyes, his smile was warm and welcoming, and I smiled at him.

"Uh, haha, my name is Justin," he said, holding out his hand.

"My name's Y/n," I said, shaking his hand.

"So, can you skate?" he asked me, laughing a bit.

"Yes, I can. I just uh, fell..." I said, giving an embarrassed smile.

"Oh, 'cause I was gonna say, I can help you skate, if you want," he said, adding a warm smile to it.

"I'd like that, thank you," I said, and he nodded, holding his hand out to mine. He helped my skate, and he was really good.

"Why are you so good at ice skating?" I asked, and he laughed.

"Haha, hockey," he replied, and smiled at him.

"Ooh, I'm hungry," Justin said, rubbing his stomach with his free hand.

"Me too, I said, mocking him by rubbing my stomach.

"Wanna go get some dinner?" he asked, and I bit my lip a bit.

"Uh, I-my car is still here, and-" I replied, stuttering.

"Y/n, if you don't want to, just tell me. I'll understand." he said, and I frowned as he let my hand go.

"It's not that, it's just, I'm always alone. I eat lunch alone, I do laundry alone, I go to movies alone, I walk alone, I'm always just...alone." I said back, and he cracked a smile on his face.

"Well just let me spend a day with you, please, and if you still want to be alone, I'll leave you alone," he smiled, and I cracked a smile at him.

"Fine," I said, laughing a little.

We exchanged numbers, and then he walked me to my car, and as I was about to close my door, he stopped his arm in it. He leaned down and kissed my cheek, his lips were so soft and gentle.

"I'll see you at eight," he said, smiling, then turning to walk away. I sat in my car, speechless. A guy has never kissed my cheek. A guy has never kissed Me, in general. Pathetic, right? I'm 18 and still haven't had my first kiss. I was always too quiet, and like I told Justin, I liked being alone, and never let guys into my life, because I knew they would all end up breaking my heart. That's why I found I weird I gave Justin a chance. I drove back to my house and looked through my closet, trying to find something cute yet formal to wear. I pulled out a purple dress that wasn't too short or too long, and some sparkly silver heels. I curled my hair and put a silver clip in it. I never wore make up either than some that looked natural, so I decided to put some purple shading eye shadow on. I heard a knock on the door and walked downstairs, opening the door.

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