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I and my best friend Rachel got in my new BMW and I started the engine. I decided to have a little fun tonight since my parents went on a business trip for a week and I can do whatever I want right?

You: I bet there's gonna be hot guys in the club

Rachel: It's a pitty I wont be able to hook up with guys *she giggled* and btw, Tom told me he's going to be there too.

Tom was her boyfriend.

You: Seriously? How can it be 'girls night out' when Tom will be there? *I pouted*

Rachel: I'm sorry but he was like 'I want to be with my baby, I wont let any guy to touch my princess' *she tried mimicking his voice

I started laughing.

You: Aww. He loves you sooo much.

Rachel: I know *she smiled* You should get a boyfriend too

You: a boyfriend? No, thanks. I don't want a guy who controls my life. I am free as a bird, I hook up with guys, friends with benefits and that's all.

Rachel rolled her eyes

Rachel: Believe me, to be in love is the best thing in the world. It' not all about sex

You: Eh, whatever *I rolled my eyes*

We pulled in front of a popular night club in whole London. It's already 10:34 pm. I parked my car and we got out. People here are allowed to enter the club in 21 age but I'm just 18. Luckily, the manager's son is a good friend of mine so I can come here whenever I want.

As we walked in, music was blasting and there were already wasted drunk people grinning to each other and just having fun. I smiled to Rachel and grabbed her hand heading to the bar.

The waiter winked at us coming closer to take our orders. He's actually a good friend of mine and Rachel.

You: Hey Ashton! *I smiled at him*

Rachel: Hey dude *she laughed*

Ash: Hey girls. Looking beautiful tonight *he smirked*

Me and Rachel giggled. I was wearing a short skinny dark purple dress who reached my mid tight and black high heels. Rachel was wearing a mini black skirt with a red strapless top and also black high heels.

Ash: So what's your orders?

You: Something light for both of us. We don't want to get wasted this early.

Ashton nodded and went to get us our drinks. A he got back in a minute he gave our drinks.

Ash: Hey wait. Rachel, I think your boyfriend just came.

Rachel turned her head toward entrance and saw Tom walking to her. She instantly smiled. Aww.

Tom: Hey babe *he wrapped his arms around her waist*

Rachel: Hey *she kissed his cheek* Uh, (YN) we are going to dance if that's ok with you? *she made a puppy face*

You: Sure. Have fun love birds.

They laughed and went to dance. I turned back to face Ashton.

Ash: Isn't she just lovely, leaving her friend all alone. *he laughed*

You: Oh whatever. I'm just going to find a guy to dance with. *I smiled and stood up*

Nice talking to you, Ash. See ya

Ash: Don't get too wasted *he warned*

I just laughed and went to dance. After 20 minutes of dancing with some random dudes, I decided to get a drink. I ordered the same as I came here and just sat for a minute enjoying the liquid who made my throat hot.

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