Cuddle or Fuck.?

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It's a cold night, and you're watching TV on your couch with blankets and the fireplace on. You get a text from Justin, "hey beautiful

You grab his hand and you guys hurry back into the house cause it's cold outside! You sneak him through the back door and onto the couch. You jump onto the couch and he stands there looking at you, smiling cause he missed you so much. You pat the seat next to you and he sits. You two cuddle in silence. You catch Justin staring at you, in your sweatpants and hair-tied, and you say, "Stop looking at me like that!" He doesn't say a word, looks into your eyes, puts his finger under your chin and pulls your face towards him, and kisses you softly. He has his arm around your shoulder and grabs your leg and pulls it closer to him and caresses it.

You start to kiss him harder and longer. He slowly starts moving on top of you while you slide onto your back. You stop, sit up a little & say "Justin, my parents are upstairs!" He says, "Shh, I'll be gentle." And winks at you ;) You bite your lip and start kissing him again. You feel his tongue slip into your mouth. And you both start breathing heavily as you feel Justin getting hard underneath his jeans while he starts to grind against you. His motions are in sync with his kissing, you run your hands through that beautiful hair of his ;) Then, he pulls your shirt over your head. He starts kissing down your neck, then bites at your boobs while he undoes your bra and it falls off. He starts sucking and nibbling softly.

He rides his tongue up & down your body, and stops to take off his shirt before he presses his body against you. You take off your sweats. He stands up and takes off his jeans and then you pull him back down onto you. He slides your panties off and pulls his boxers down. He starts rubbing your vagina making you all wet, then you get on your knees and start sucking him sooo slowly. He pulls you back up and lays you down on the couch, spreads your legs, and pushes himself into you. It feels so amazing. He starts pumps you slowly. You feel every inch of his dick inside of you and start to moan softly. But you remember your parents are home. You bite onto your lip and breathe heavily while he goes in and out of you. You close your eyes and grab onto anything you can.

Slowly, he starts to push harder into you. Then he pulls your body closer to him and you start clawing into his back, he's loving it. You fight the urge not to start moaning really loud, so you whisper between your breaths, "Ughhhh Justin..." Then he really starts fucking you hard, and you're so close to climaxing. Little moans escape from your mouth cause it feels so good. Your body fills with pleasure and every inch of you starts to contract then... BIEBERGASM. Justin kisses you softly, then says "Told you I'd be gentle." ;) You're both out of breath, you laugh and say, "That was NOT gentle." He winks at you and you both put your clothes back on, cuddle, and finish out the movie(:

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