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For @XenaaLewiss

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@3:08 A.m:Xenaa gets this one because she wrote me a imagine with Jai Brooks who is my second everything plus Justin Bieber but it was cute so this is special.😍


Xenaa:"What Justin?"

"I want a kiss from you."He said.

"Umm...Im watching a movie"You said.

"Pleasseeeeeeeeee?"He said yelling.

"Kiss the pillow like you always do when I'm not around"You said not looking away from your movie.He pouted an sat on the couch and clutched a pillow and watched you the whole time.

"Don't stare at me..."You said.

He kept staring and then he stood behind the couch and started to kiss you face.

"No-oo Ju-Justin-Im-tryin-trying to wat-watch TV"You said struggling away from Justin's kisses.

He stopped and sat beside you.

"What do I have to do to get a kiss?"He said playing with your hair and pushing it behind your ear and kissing your neck making you moan softly.

You look at him and sighed.

"Just once,I have tour so I don't see you...please Xenaa?"He said doing the sad face and you hated that face.

"Fine.If you can guess what number I'm thinking of."You said smiling.

Your number was 17.

"Ummm...5...50...36...78...2....0"He said guessing.

You sat there and he kept guessing and then he kissed your neck and you jumped up and ran upstairs.He followed you and came in the bedroom and locked the door.

You were in the closet hiding but when you heard the door lock,you ran out the closet.

You started to push him but he picked you and laid you on the bed.

You sucked your lips so he wouldn't kiss them."Can I get my kiss?"He said.You nodded no and he laid his head on your chest,you started to stroke his hair and he pushed his body so that you and him were face to face.

"Xenaa,I barely see you."He said pouting.

You reached and kissed him and he deepened the kiss making things heated.


Hours later you walk downstairs but Justin carried you and you two cuddled and kissed.

You realized you missed the best part.

"I missed the best part"You whined to Justin.

"BabeiYou already seen the best part"He said pointing to his boxers and seeing Jerry stick up.You smiled at him.

"I sure have"You said kissing him hungrily.

Hope you like...

I was smiling at your imagine and I loved it!

Hey guys,Read @XenaaLewiss books!She has imagines like one Direction,Justin Bieber, Janoskians,and just anybody imagines too and you beliebers,she has Bieber books so read cause this girl is my new best friend and I love her and her imagines...

Yeah I said...my New bestfriend!







-Belieber's World😍😘

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